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Jun 15, 2011 12:48 PM

In search of authentic Spanish tapas in Vancouver or Victoria

Can anyone suggest somewhere to get authentic Spanish-style tapas in Vancouver or Victoria?

I've been to La Bodega several times but was wondering if there was anywhere else to get this style of food?

Not looking for small plate, fusiony, modern places like Bin 941 or 942, Mis Trucos, etc.

Thanks in advance

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  1. You could try the Spanish menu at the Waldorf's Leeteg Room. It's not strictly traditional, but not entirely dissimilar to what I've had at more contemporary places in Barcelona, Madrid, etc. There is also the Barcelona on Granville, if that's still around, though I would recommend the Waldorf over it.

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      Barcelona went belly-up a few months ago. It's now a Mexican place.

    2. No "authentic" or even close to "authentic" tapas in Vancouver.

      1. Ferris Oyster Bar (upstairs) has something called "Seville Sunday" - great tapas only on Sunday nights - check out their website. Has tapas for around $3 plus a menu for "raciones", somewhat larger portions just like you get in Madrid and Barcelona. Great for sharing