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Jun 15, 2011 12:01 PM

Make Ahead Pigs in A Blanket

I'm making pigs in a blanket for my son's end of the school year party. (Hawaii theme - couldn't quite roast a pig in the playground!) I'm using Aidell's mini chicken apple sausages and an epicurious recipe for the dough. If I make them tonight, I'm worried the dough will get soggy due to refrigeration. Is that true? The only reheating possibility is a microwave (ugh). Should I just get up early and bake them in the AM and then serve at room temp? How long can I hold them at room temp without causing a classroom-wide bout of food poisoning? (The sausages are precooked). Thanks!

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  1. I have different food standards for home vs things I'm bringing to the school where I'm extra careful. If I were going to bring pigs in a blanket, I'd wrap them the night before, time it to bake and be done by the time I need to leave the next day and serve them hot. I have a pyrex w/ a heatable pack that keeps things warm, and I place a couple of paper towels on top to absorb the steam. At home, I'd bake them when convenient, day of, and serve them room temperature.