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Jun 15, 2011 11:50 AM

HONG KONG SUMMER FOOD TRIP: What are your Top 3 picks for Best Tasting Dishes in HK and where to go to eat these?

Please include your Top 3 picks for Best Roasted Goose, Best Roasted Pigeon and Best Wonton Mee. Plus Top 3 Private Kitchens and Top 3 Restaurants over-all (all-price range). Please, please include your favorite dishes there as well.

Muchos Gracias!

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    1. All your answer is on board, but if it is too much work to look around here, just get a michelin guide, it is for tourist, it is no brainer.

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        Hi, I am not a huge fan of the Michelin Guide. I think they only do a good job in rating restos in Paris. I used to be a NYC resident for 7 years before moving back to Asia and found the guide they issued in NYC a big joke. I have been using the search feature but, not that successful in getting much of the details (stand-out dishes) that I need to at least guarantee a relatively good experience in the restos that most of you recommend a lot.

        Like what to order in Fu Sing beyond the bbq pork?

        Been searching for roasted goose alternatives to yung kee too for example and keep on getting only one place (the one on Stanley St) and the other data a bit dated (2007-2009). Would love to get more recent feedback ideally from a HK chowhounder based in HK at the moment. I haven't been around this board long enough to identify who they are.

        What do you think of the newer WOM Guide? I have a copy of the 2011 edition and kinda interested in checking-out the remaining Dai Pa Dongs it listed for a change.

        Yes, I am just going as a tourist. But, mainly just to eat and relive my old hk trips. I used to go every year in the mid to late 90's (before moving to NYC)...thus, will still include a trip to Yung Kee for roasted goose but, would love to get more options for goose and roasted pigeons as well.


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          Recommendations for B_B_Q/roasted meat was posted on this board for another chowhounder only a few days ago!!!!!


          For roasted pigeon, there's Fung Lum in Tai Wai or Tai Ping Koon ( branches in TST, CausewayBay, Central...etc )

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            At Fu Sing...

            I love the "So Good" Crystal Noodles, a wonderful, mellow flavor-and-texture dish. The dry noodles with all the other goodies sticking to them, chewiness of dried shrimp, lots of coriander.

            The ox tale in red wine is delicious.

            The lettuce in homemade shrimp paste has nice tender texture and warmth, with complexity from the shrimp paste.

            People who like pomelo peel say it is very good at Fu Sing.

            Overall, their dim sum is very satisfying too. I like the pan-fried turnip cake and the chicken pies especially.

            Hope this helps ;-)

            When in doubt, browse the food photos and recommended dishes on OpenRice for the places you have short-listed. You can glean a lot there.

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              Hello chloehk,

              I totally agree with your accessment of one of chowhounders' favourite Fu Sing dishes - the Crystal noodles in clay pot! - Sooo good! The shrimp paste Chinese lettuce was very ' pungent' but very tasty as well. BTW, you should also give the 'Xin Dan Ji''s version a try too. Excellent as well. Their 'roast-to-order' roasted suckling pig is one of the better ones in town !

              Unfortunately, my experience with some of your afore-mentioned dishes did not fare that well! When chowhounders Nilescable, Erica and myself held a mini-chowmeet at FS a couple of years ago, we too ordered the oxtail, which we all find to be surprisingly bland and mediocre tasting! In fact, the red wine braised oxtail dish I had in one of Vancouver's Chinese restaurant a few days later tasted much more complex and delicious!

              nother major disappointment was the usually reliable 'Crispy skin roasted pork belly'. The skin was partially burnt and was not all that 'crispy'!!

              Lastly, we also had one of their house special - ' Stirred fry star garoupa filet with a medley of onion varietal'. This dish completely lacked ' wok-hay' and tasted nothing special.

              ctually, even their 'world-famous' Wor-gor B-B-Q pork was off that evening! Just not as moist, juicy and tender as before!!

              However, the dim-sum lunch I had there a couple of months ago was superb! The '#1 bun under the sky' aka pineapple b-b-q pork bun was still yummy!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Interesting...I adored the ox tail. But would happily discover an even better version!

                I have had a variety of different experiences with their cha siu. Sometimes it's mind-bogglingly good and other times ordinary. I can't tell if it's my mood and expectation or if it's the meat itself. The first time I asked for 1/2 fat-1/2 lean, and later didn't ask for that so maybe got leaner meat. In the end, I've found I prefer a simpler meatier cha siu preparation (there's a place on Wellington a couple doors down from the bakery with fabulous chestnut buns that brings out more of the meat and fat flavor rather than the honey-sweet).

                But vis-a-vis Fu Sing, in general, I think they're very good on consistently nailing their signature dishes. And the service is always efficient and memorable, if not cordial ;-)

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              Oh, and...totally not Cantonese...but the smoked Sichuan duck at San Xi Lou in Coda Plaza is awesome if you eat it while it's hot!

              1. re: chloehk

                Thanks so much! I also have San Xi Lou on my short list as I like Sichuan cuisine.

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                  Make sure you sit on the 7th floor. The 22nd floor feels like a church rec room and it's farther from the kitchen (I think).

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                    Hi chloehk,

                    What is the name of the store selling chesnut buns? :-)