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Jun 15, 2011 09:32 AM

Fried Chicken Tacos at Boneyard Bistro

Had not been to the Boneyard in a while, but when I walked in last night and my server mentioned they were offering fried chicken tacos as a special, I said what?
Of course, remembering that Monday night is fried chicken night at the Boneyard, it made some sense if they had leftover chicken to do something else with it the next day.
Then Aaron came over and explained the entire logic, ingredients, etc. Wow, who knew?
Well, when I saw a plate of these pass by toward another table, I realized this was a substantial platter of tacos, as in 3 of them of the 6-7" diameter variety, all served open-faced plus a side of homemade potato chips.
Inagine this list of ingredients: Fried chicken, chopped housemade bacon, cilantro dressing, pico de gallo, lettuce, two different kinds of cheese, and a spicy honey hot sauce all atop flour tortillas.
Unbelievable mix of flavors.
Not your standard Boneyard entree, but he said he now sells more of the tacos than he does of the fried chicken on Monday.
Oh, and by the way, his bacon sticks appetizer must be tasted by lovers of all things porcine.
By 9:15 when we left, the bar was overflowing with patrons trying out some of the new beers Rory recently added to the rotation.

Boneyard Bistro
13539 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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  1. Hi Carter. I can always count on you to steer me back to the Boneyard. Thanks for the Fried Chicken Tacos rec. Nice description. What will Aaron think of next?

    1. I second the fried cicken tacos recommendation. They are delicious!!!

      1. I've gotten mixed reviews on their fried chicken. One friend who loves Boneyard, says the fried chicken is the weakest entree on the menu.

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        1. re: reality check

          Let them eat at KFC then.
          It is delicious, and extremely popular, though your reality may vary!

          1. re: carter

            Guess some people have a stake in Boneyard. So defensive.

            Can you tell me, if Itzak Hagadol is open on Fri?

            1. re: reality check

              i've been there on friday night. it's open.

          2. re: reality check

            I wouldn't say it's the weakest item on the menu, but it most likely is a matter of personal taste. I think it's definitely one of those situations where you've gotta try it before dmismissing it on purely word of mouth. In any case, it's definitely worth a try.