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Jun 15, 2011 08:44 AM

Best frozen grocery-store burger in Toronto?

I know, I know. Frozen pre-fab burgers are probably the bane of all good summertime BBQs. But if you absolutely must, which brand of frozen grocery-store burger is the tastiest? Bonus marks for good grocery-store hotdogs / sausages. Thanks!

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  1. Theres one burger I used to get, I forget which brand unfortunately but it was a Sirloin Mushroom burger, possibly PC, but I think whatever brand it was I got it from Metro. I found them to be pretty tasty.

    As for Hot Dogs, I recommend Angus dogs, again, I forget the brand, but they are nice and plump and juicy and taste great. I think they are made by Maple Leaf, but i could be wrong. To be honest, I like to boil those dogs, I find they plump up nicely and they taste so good!

    Maple Leaf Restaurant
    1076 Cardiff Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5S1P3, CA

    1. Hang on, let me get my flak jacket and helmet on. Okay, tried the Licks homeburgers recently and those were pretty good. Have also had the PC ones in the past & would recommend the prime rib burgers too.

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        Sobeys has some pretty decent ones in my opinion. I especially liked the Mequite Sirloin ones. My friends enjoyed their peppercorn ones too

      2. If you are ever in the northern part of the city Sue's Market has some great frozen burgers, in fact they're the best frozen burget I've ever tasted.

        McEwans made a homemade hot dog last summer that was awesome also. I haven't been to McEwans since last summer so I hope they still have them.

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          1. For hot dogs, the only ones I don't feel guilty giving my kids are the Life Choices ones-no nitrates, all beef, no fillers, soy and gluten free for those who need it, and they actually taste good! The only thing is, of course, they are more expensive than regular dogs, and they don't carry them in every grocery store. But well worth searching out, IMO. If you can find them at Loblaws or Superstore or Metro, go to the site first and print off the $1 off coupon - good for any of their products! (also really love their meatballs, fish fillets, pierogies)