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Jun 15, 2011 08:39 AM

Really good sushi??

Where is a place that I could get really good sushi around the Alexandria or even DC area?

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  1. I really hate to say/ask this because of the purists, but here goes... what do you consider good sushi? (No one yell at me, okay? Please?)

    I've dined with people who would only eat at sushi bars with famous chefs who flew fish in from Japan every day and whose virgin daughters harvested the uni themselves at midnight... and those who openly made gagging faces at anything that wasn't a Crazy Spicy Tempura Deep Rainbow Fried Cream Cheese Dragon Philadelphia Roll. Both have their merits (remember: don't yell, please!).

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      Lol "whose virgin daughters harvested the uni themselves at midnight" thats funny

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          I hate to say this, but there isn't much **really good** sushi in this area. I'm from LA, and there isn't anything here that can compete with a lot of the sushi I could find at home. That said, Kaz Sushi Bistro (in DC) is a favorite. Sushiko (several locations) is pretty good, but nothing to wow you. Makoto, in Palisades (DC), has a cult following, but I've never been. I don't know Alexandria as well, so no suggestions there. Hope that helps!

          Kaz Sushi Bistro
          1915 I Street NW, Washington, DC 20006

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            It's all subjective, but I like MoMo sushi in Alexandria.

          2. Could you describe what, to you, is really good sushi? That will help with the suggestions.