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Jun 15, 2011 07:24 AM

Any good Indian restaurants in Richmond Hill?

Does anyone know of a good Indian restaurant in Richmond Hill? I'm curious which ones people like. I'm looking for one between Yonge, north of Major Mackenzie and south of Elgin Mills.

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  1. I've only tried Bombay's Chutney, but I enjoy it.

    1070 Major Mackenzie Drive East , H1 , Richmond Hill , ON
    T: 905 883 4400

    1. The only decent one is Host.

      I haven't been to Bomnbay Chutney, but I think it's owned by the same people as Bombay Bhel. I have been there once and the food is very mediocre. The prices at Host are higher, but the quality is better.

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        Interesting! I was just about to recommend Bombay Chutney and suggest 'AVOIDING the HOST' since I had some pretty bad food there before. Even a simple Chicken Curry tasted weird and horrible!!! I also tried Jaipur a couple of times which was OK.

        1. re: Charles Yu

          The reason that I started this thread is that I wanted to see if anyone was going to mention a place I ate at yesterday, but nobody has. We all thought the food was good and will go back. I'll wait to see if anyone mentions the place before I post the name, menu ad location.

          1. re: foodyDudey

            Let me take a stab at your mysterious place:
            I visited a new Indian/East Africa eat-in/take-out place on the west side of Yonge, north of Major Mac., next to the new concert hall. Food was kind of OK though!
            Another possible place is the one inside the plaza at the corner of Yonge and Elgin Mills, where Galaxy is. Again, so-so
            Lastly, the only Indian place is Madras Palace on Hwy#7, close to Times Square. Found their ' South Indian ' food a bit too spicy.

            Elgin Cafe
            100 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K1P5K8, CA

            Madras Palace
            15 Wertheim Crt, Thornhill, ON L3T, CA

      2. I really enjoy The Host and Bombay Chutney. The food at Bombay Bhel is very mediocre and I would be surprised if they were the same owners as Bombay Chutney.

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        1. re: Chocolatemama

          Yes, I haven't eaten at Bombay Chutney myself, but I heard through someone that it was connected to Bombay Bhel. Maybe I am wrong or maybe they are trying a different style of cooking here. I don't know. But, like you, I have had some very average to below average food at Bombay Bhel.

        2. I've only had the lunch buffet at the was OK. I've also been to Madras Palace - won't be going back. I've heard some good things about India's Taste on Denison but haven't tried it yet.

          Madras Palace
          15 Wertheim Crt, Thornhill, ON L3T, CA

          1. I just discovered 'Bombay Poori' at 10620 Yonge a couple of weeks ago ( no relation to Bombay Bheel or Chutney ). Food, IMO is better than those offered by the Hosts, Jaipur or Bombay Bheel/Chutney in the near vicinity.