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Feb 27, 2006 12:11 PM

Wasabi Restaurant in LA Sushi Nazi?

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I've read about a restaurant in LA called Wasabi that is supposed to be awesome. Unfortunately, Googling for Wasabi Japanese restaurant doesn't yield clear results. In Alan Richman's book he refers to the chef as THE "Sushi Nazi," but he says the food is so good that I want to go while I'm in LA on vacation next week.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

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  1. I don't know about other parts of LA, but there's a Wasabi Restaurant in Long Beach and I highly recommend AGAINST going there. Haven't heard anything about a "sushi nazi", but, like me, everyone I know has only gone there once.

    1. Nozawa on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City.

      1. There's Nozawa in Studio City, as mentioned, and also Sasubne on the westside of LA, both of whom are of the same no-spicy-tuna-no-california-roll-just-trust-me variety; hence the "sushi nazi" monikker.

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          Westlake Jake

          My brother goes to Nozawa quite frequently and the "Sushi Nazi" reputation goes beyond merely ordering california rolls. He said that people have been thrown off the the bar for talking or making eye contact with the chef.

          My older brother visiting from Georgia wanted to go to Nozawa and order a slaw dog as a joke. My other brother wouldn't take him for fear of being banned for life.

          1. re: Westlake Jake

            I want to go to this magical place.

            As a lifelong restaurant worker, I love places that treat you like an underling. This whole "customer is always right" thing needs to be put to bed.

            However I do love the people who come into my restaurants. I just like restaurants that don't roll over for any request and challenge you to try something new.

            1. re: Westlake Jake

              that's silly, i hope you were kidding.

          2. You may be thinking of Sushi Wasabi in Tustin (in Orange County, about an hour south of LA). It's excellent -- rivals LA's Sushi Nozawa and Sushi Sasabune, in my view. While the chef isn't quite a "Nazi" (he's always been friendly to me) they do enforce a "chef's choice" rule at the bar, and woe unto those who attempt to order a California roll.

            Our noted food paparazzo Perceptor captured the essence of this place -- see link below.

            14460 Newport Ave Ste F
            Tustin, CA 92780-5637
            (714) 505-3496


            1. it's sushi wasabe in tustin.