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Jun 15, 2011 04:51 AM

Bluegrass or Woodberry Kitchen this Saturday

I will be in town from Boston this weekend and was wondering which of these two you would pick if you had one dinner in Baltimore this weekend. Also my wife and my Infant daughter will be joining me for dinner as well, are either of the two more receptive to an infant for dinner?

Thank you in advance, looking forward to trying either option out.

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  1. Both are probably ok with an infant, Bluegrass probable more so. Woodberry is a better choice between the two for food, but it will be difficult to get a reservation unless you are fine with a late dinner (after 8:30). You should be able to get a reservation at Bluegrass.

    1. This isn't official, but I think the owner's of Bluegrass have young children (I suspect this because of their awesome stroller that I've seen twice by the bar), so they are kid friendly (or at least you can bring your stroller in, right?). I did bring my toddler to Bluegrass early one day for dinner and he had a blast exploring the space, but that might not work at 7pm, when it can get crowded.

      Woodberry has nice space outside (trees) but what I like about Bluegrass is that you can walk around Federal Hill and window shop if your infant is fussy. Parking for Bluegrass is city parking, while I believe Woodberry has a parking lot (it's been some time since I've been there!) but I think Bluegrass also does valet. I don't recall if either have changing tables in the restrooms, which would be a huge factor in choosing a restaurant for me, but maybe not you. Good luck, and enjoy your meal!

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        Bluegrass does have valet parking, and people bring in young children frequently.

      2. Thank you very much for the information. I have a reservation at Bluegrass for 8:00. Looking forward to it.