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Jun 14, 2011 10:06 PM

My Dumpling Opens in Milpitas Square

I strongly believe you can never have too many dumpling restaurants to choose from, so I gladly report the opening of My Dumpling in Milpitas Square, mid-way between the 99 Ranch Market and Golden Island in the corner. Lots of interesting dumplings on the menu, including my favorite, fish dumplings. Unfortunately for me they close on Tuesdays so I didn't get to try it today. Future reports are welcome as I'm not sure when I'll be headed to Milpitas again.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I love dumplings & fish dumplings too. Maybe I can go there this week or next.

    1. Looking at the Yelp photos and can determine the following

      - looks very much like a Taiwanese run operation, or at least the business owner(s) are trying to appeal to the Taiwanese expat base. This is apparent from the scallion pancake that one user says is Yilan/Ilan style (which might be just in name only, since Yilan county in Eastern Taiwan is famous for humongous leeks/scallions that are very fragrant) and plus the menu is entirely in traditional characters. In any case the Ilan/Yilan scallion pancake looks more like a chive box on the outside but round (jiuo tsai he zi)

      - they offer si gua (loofah) XLB which is quite rare to see. Last place that had this was HC (Hu Chiang) Dumpling House that closed in Cupertino Village, then re-opened in a share space by Won Stew House (Cupertino)....maybe the chef left and joined this place?

      - pretty wide looking menu with more than just the basic dumplings and noodles....also cold appetizer dishes, Shanghai fried noodles and the usual suspects that the general populace would order in Shanghainese restaurants.

      - Chinese name of the place is Mai Tang Bao. Mai = Wheat. But in Mandarin it sounds like "My". Tang Bao of course is soup dumplings, mostly in the vein of XLB, a term used by many in Taiwan, and also in parts of Northern China (e.g. Xian area). A cute play on sounds and words.

      - short rib soup....seems more Taiwanese than anything else. Another hint is their offering of Hey Shong (a Taiwanese brand) of soda that tastes like cough syrup plus Taiwanese sausage dish.

      - no idea what mango pudding (that looks Cantonese in nature) is doing

      Other than that, based on the uploaded Yelp photo of their XLB, I count an average of 15 pleats. That's 3 less than the DIn Tai Fung standard, but at $8.95 it better be good.

      1. I went by there in a group of four for lunch today.
        They seemed fairly busy, all the tables were full, with two parties of 5-6. We only waited about 10 minutes for a table to free up, so service was pretty quick.

        We ordered:
        Juicy Pork Dumplings
        Fish Dumplings
        Green onion pancake-thin
        Fried Golden Milk Buns
        Chicken Cold Noodles
        Shrimp Fried Rice

        Dumplings were good, but seemed a little dense. I didn't particularly enjoy the fish dumpling, although my wife liked them. I had a large piece of chive in mine, and a large single chunk of water chestnut. My favorite dishes were the fried golden buns and cold noodles, but that may have been due to the weather.

        Overall, I enjoyed it. Service seemed friendlier than typical Chinese places. Looking forward to going back to order other stuff from the menu.

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        1. re: pter

          Thanks for the report.


          My Dumplings
          300 Barber Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035

        2. i had the misfortune of dining here for my father's day treat. the food was so "bad", my kids didn't/ wouldn't pay for it.

          -juicy pork dumpling (8/6.95)
          -juicy dumpling with loofah & shrimp (8/8.95)
          -beef roll with green onion (5.95)
          -won ton with hot chili oil(4.95)
          -fried golden milk buns(3.95)
          -chicken cold noodles(5.95)
          -taiwan ground pork rice(3.50)
          -bitter melon & short short rib soup in bowl(4.95)
          -green onion pancake-thin(2.95)

          only item worthwhile was the onion pancake, maybe the milk buns gets a pass since we couldn't figure it out. everything else, my kids said was "garbage"

          those who want to read the review know where to go to read it., i seldom "cut and paste".

          just came across a "shanghai' place on north milpitas. looks more promising than this.

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          1. re: shanghaikid

            Oh, I went to MY DUMPLING with DF, Betsy, and Urmi and her associates after trying the South Indian place at the other end of the mall.

            We had a very small snack there and I just didnt think it was that good ... and the prices I felt were pretty high [compared to the "Linoleum & Plastic" divey places in say the Richmond or the Sunset district in SF]. I dunno if these prices are avg for the south bay, due to higher rents etc ... I dont think the food justified it.

            We also got the XLB, the LOOFAH and ... maybe the crab? The best thing was the root beer.

            Service was kinda lame too.

            I dont remember anyone being especially positive about this place, but possible my reaction was more negative than the others.

            ok tnx.

            1. re: psb

              just tried shanghai family cuisine @1470 N. Milpitas Blvd.
              food quality a little better, prices a lot cheaper.
              -xlb (4.95) thicker skin, more meat, less juice, more flavor
              -spicy wonton (3.95)mostly skin with little meat, should skip
              -meatball noodles(5.95) 2 large lion's head meatball, some bok choy, 2 halves of half boiled egg with fresh egg noodles in soy/msg broth. value deal!
              -braised bamboo shoot (3.95) huge portion for appetizers. ok taste. probably prepakaged.

              good value, some dishes great, some meh, all cheap!

              1. re: psb

                Good decision on my part to take off then. Two disappointments in a row would have been too much to take :)

                1. re: osho

                  my first shanghaiese experience is up the street at shanghai restaurant (1708 N. milpitas) in the corner of the lyons shopping center.

                  i've only seen menus in chinese there. both places speak shanghaiese. the killar dish here is the hot & sour soup. was it 2.95?. dish prices range from cheap to pricey. probably inconsistency kept me away.
                  fav shanghai places: hometown (cheap!) and shanghai delight barber lane
                  (wu xi pai gu -blacken spareribs)-haven't seen this anywheres else. expect lines here.

                2. re: psb

                  agreed. (except i didn't try the root beer.) i liked the crab, but it wasn't amazing, and disliked the other two. (crab was ultra-bland, though betsy and urmi liked the 'squash and shrimp' (or loofah?) dumplings iirc, and while i didn't, i generally dislike the texture of the vegetable involved.