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Jun 14, 2011 09:58 PM

Falafel Inn Norwalk

Does anyone know why this place closed? Have driven by several times and the place looks like they have gone out of business.

Falafel Inn
333 Westport Ave, Norwalk, CT 06851

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  1. Because it was not busy, too much competition, and there are so many other better places to go to in Darien, Norwalk and Fairfield for great Falafel and Middle Eastern Food!

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    1. re: temilove

      Can you recommend some great ones?

      1. re: saturngrrl

        One of my friends, whose wife is of Lebanese descent, recently raved about Safita on the Post Road in Fairfield. They both really loved The Pita Spot in Mystic, but thought Safita was even better. Is that on the preferred list (temilove)? :)

        I looked for a link to the restaurant itself and came up short, but found a great writeup here:

        Not many restaurants for falafel/Middle Eastern cuisine in central CT, so I made note of it, though my wanderings to FFD County are very few and far between.

        Pita Spot
        45 Williams Ave, Mystic, CT 06355

        1. re: kattyeyes

          One of my favorites for sure is in Darien, Ct. This used to be called Myrna's in Stamford, but now they moved, and opened a more upscale restaurant 1/2 French, 1/2 Middle Eastern. It is excellent, you can't go wrong. It is now called Cafe D'Azur. ( They are french & Lebanese chefs as well ). If you would like less expensive, but great tasting falafal & other favorites, try Layla's Falafal. ( they have 1 in Fairfield, & 2 in stamford. A full lunch & dinner menu is offered ). Safita is good, not as many menu items to choose from, and to me..( having a middle eastern husband! ) the portions are too small & the prices are too high. You will enjoy the food much more at Cafe D'Azur ..ask about their specials, or Layla's. ENJOY!

          1. re: temilove

            So good to know--I will jot these down and share with my friends as well. Thank you very much from all of us!

            1. re: temilove

              We tried to go to Myrna's after it was profiled on one of this CT related shows on local public TV. I took the day off work and drove down only to find it closed and no indication that they had relocated. So happy to hear they are still around, we will definitely have to give it a try. French and Lebanese are two of our favorites as we are so sick of Italian all the time.

              Thanks to kattyeyes for the link to this board. I have to now go on a search of other alternatives a little closer to home in central CT. The price of gas makes a 1 hour drive for lunch adds to the bill a bit!!

      2. IMO it was the best ME place from Greenwich to Norwalk/Westport and I tried them all. Columbus Park, High Ridge Rd and the place in Greenwich that lasted all of 6 months. A shame to see it go

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        1. re: loeborg

          Trust me, Cafe D'Azur is better. more upscale, better quality. Give it a try. believe me the chef/owner goes above and beyond to please you.

        2. I tried Myrna's several times and found it to be "Fairfielderized". No punch in flavors and the quality of the spices used were lacking. Middle eastern food is known for big, bold and brash flavors of excellent quality spices, citrus, garlic and complex flavors that go "bang" on the pallet and found none of that present. It's another case of a restaurant trying to be all things to all people. Do one thing, and do it well. I've stopped looking and now go to Paterson NJ if I'm feeling ME. Tired of getting second rate food at ridiculous prices. Anyone thinking they can charge $10 for a Falafel App is insane

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          1. re: loeborg

            That's why I said Cafe D'Azur is the way to go. Chef/Owner Pierre will make your food exactly as you wish, trust me, he strives for excellence. Also, I forgot to mention a hidden treasure. If any "FOODIES" are craving a WONDERFUL falafal sandwich ( try the hot sauce & tahini ) at lunch time, head on over to Mead Park in New Canaan. They have an outdoor patio open to the public, no need to be a resident of New Canaan. Ask Emad (MANAGER/Owner of Apple Cart Catering to make you a falafal. This is very tasty & the spices are on target as well. ( he is middle eastern, but lovely to deal with and discuss food! He has catered many of my parties at home. You will love sitting on the patio and the view! ( many other items on his menu if you are with others, or children ).

            1. re: temilove

              Great call temilove. Mead Park falafel is a staple for our family during baseball season,

            2. re: loeborg

              You are so crazy! Cafe DAzur 1st, ( Speak w/Pierre) Sarafita, 2nd. Your travels are over!

              1. re: temilove

                Temil- thank you, will give it a try and report back.

                1. re: loeborg

                  So did you give cafe D'Azur a try yet??? GO!!! I know you will love it!

                  1. re: temilove

                    Hi Temil. No, I still have not been able to make it to Cafe D'Azur. I'm out of town but will give it a shot as soon as I get back.

                    1. re: temilove

                      What an awesome recommendation, thank you!!!

                      Based on temilove's recommendation, my wife and I had been eagerly awaiting a good day to drive down to Danbury. Yesterday was the proper alignment of the stars and planets to make the trip.

                      It was well worth the 50 minute drive for the very nice decor, welcoming hosts and excellent food. We weren't sure we liked the salsa/sauce that was provided after we sat down. It felt a little out of place, and we'd have preferred za'atar and olive oil for the pita bread, and butter for the french bread. When I mentioned it to Myrna, the owner, she said they had it in the kitchen and next time to just ask. We both had a lunch plate. My wife had a beef kibbe, and I had grilled shrimp. Both came over a bed of traditional rice/noodles with hummus and taboule, and they were excellent. The shrimp was nicely spiced, the hummus ridiculously smooth, and the taboule among the best we have eaten in the Northeast. Prices were pretty reasonable too, a surprise for Fairfield.

                      The only thing I could criticize beyond the sala/sauce would be the hummus is delicious but somewhat bland compared to others we have had. That isn't to say we didn't like it, in fact I am enjoying the leftovers we took home right now. But it does lack the lemony/garlic punch of some of the others we've tried. It is better than grocery store, but not as good as Safita or the Syrian grocery store near my house.

                      We think we have found a new favorite, especially once we found out they did have za'atar upon request. That was the one thing about Safita that we really like, but the food and prices are so much better at Cafe D'Azur that we will drive the extra 10 minutes to Danbury.

                      Thanks Temilove for the recommendation, and thanks Kattyeyes for hooking me up.

                      Extra bonus for you foursquare users: your first check-in gets you a free glass of wine.

                      Cafe D'Azur
                      980 Post Rd, Darien, CT 06820

                      1. re: Fprintf

                        HA, you and foursquare! ;) So glad you two enjoyed. Glad to see you here. Please don't be a stranger!

                        1. re: Fprintf

                          Am I losing what is left of my senses or is there a but of confusion about Darien vs. Danbury going on here?

                            1. re: Fprintf

                              Did that free glass of wine get you in trouble? LOL! ;)

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                            I agree, Café d'Azur is truly a treasure ... to your comment about the hummus I was there last night and the waiter asked me if I wanted the plain or with garlic, and I definitely went for the garlic! Sorry you missed out on that. I love the fusion of the French and the Lebanese what a great concept and addition to the local dining scene.