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Jun 14, 2011 08:08 PM

Restaurants near the courthouses in Foley Sq., Manhattan?

Is there a restaurant where you would meet a (non-Jewish) colleague for lunch near Foley Sq. in Manhattan?

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  1. That depends on whether you trust the hechsher at Buddha Bodai. I don't, but if you do that would seem to be your only nearby option.

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      There's also the falafel place south of the courthouse, below the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a bit of a dive, but it's kosher. I'm sorry I don't know the name.

      1. re: craigcep

        The felafel place is not a place to take clients - I took some there once and the looks on their faces...though the food was very good. I believe Circa is still down there and it is at least cleaner than the felafel place (which is on Ann St.). Also, I don't know when you are going, but the new Milk St. Cafe is not far away on Wall St. It opens next week I think.

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          Circa is closed. I wouldn't take a client to Pita Express, but you may be able to go with a colleague. Pita Express can get away with being dingy since it's "ethnic". As opposed to a pizza place that just looks bad.

    2. Thank you all. It's not a neighborhood I'm usually in, and it wasn't exactly a colleague, more like a professional contact with whom I will have an ongoing relationship and who I knew zero about beyond admiring his work. I had a number of alternatives in mind, depending on how our time together went. But he was like, I-know-you're-kosher-there-is-this-great-little-Chinese-place.... and he walks me over to Buddah Bodai. You know how the crowd is sometimes the validation of the hechscher? You could have held a daf yomi shiur followed by mincha with the crowd that was there for lunch. And sold a lot of Stetsons. Veggie Chinese in a Formica decor. What can I say? It would be really hard to spend as much as $10 for lunch. But noodles oar rice with veggies and seitan, sauced however you like your Chinese.

      Milk Street will be a blessing. But, why isn't there a kosher tablecloth lunch place equidistant between the Municipal Building. the Courthouses and Wall Street? I mean, between the people who work in these buildings and the people who go there to take them out to lunch or dinner, wouldn't an upscale kosher place located more or less where the new Milk Street will be make sense (i.e., money)? Say, something like Va Bene? Or a tablecloth dining room at Milk Street?

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        How about a tablecloth place anywhere south of midtown? It would shock you how few the downtown options are regardless of quality. That's why we've been waiting for Milk Street since the first rumors started.