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Jun 14, 2011 07:57 PM

FYI: "All Braun appliances discontinued"

SInce I broke the beaker to my Braun multiquick hand blender (white plastic model), I went online to see if I could purchase a new one. Never found a beaker but I saw an impressive video for a fancy schmancy new cordless Braun hand blender that is supposed to be just as or more powerful than other cordless blenders out there--plus it doesn't splatter when lifted up.

I was ready to buy one right then and there but was puzzled when I couldn't find anyone selling one. I went through the whole "Contact Us" routine and was redirected to Proctor and Gamble's contact page where I asked where I could get one of these cordless Braun Multiquick 7 hand blenders (MR 730 and 740 I think).

This is the reply I got:

"I'm sorry you had difficulties locating the Braun multiquick hand blender. However, all Braun appliances have been discontinued including the hand blenders too and they’re no longer available. Generally, decisions to start or stop making products are based on consumer demand, so feedback like yours is extremely valuable. Please be assured I'm sharing your information with the rest of our team.

"However, you can do a basic internet search to locate Braun Hand blenders online as there may still be some retailers who have this product in stock. All our household appliance have a one year warranty and suggest if you do purchase one to make sure you hold onto your receipt. If you locate the unit and if you happen to buy one, we do have multiple reliable service centers available in your state in the event you need one in the future. You can find service center listing online at or you can call our toll free number and obtain this information from a representative.

"To answer your question if these blenders will be coming back soon in the US we have no plans; but I will pass on your information to the rest of the team."

That news really took my by surprise. The reason I'm posting it here is because of that line "I'm sharing your info with the rest of our team." If any of you are attached to Braun products, you might want to shoot P&G an email and tell them so. Sounds like they might reconsider if they get enough input from customers.

I'm just disappointed to have gotten all excited about this beautiful-looking cordless hand blender that doesn't splatter--and then being told I can't buy it. Apparently it hasn't even come to the US so it's not like I'll be able to find "retailers who have this product in stock."

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    1. Sorry but unless I'm looking at the wrong links, I'm not seeing anything like this on the Braun sites.

      Where's the link to a press release???

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      1. re: Kagemusha

        It wasn't a press release, it was a personal email in reply to my request for information.

        1. re: Birmingham

          They seem to be alive and well as of this afternoon in Canada.

          1. re: Kagemusha

            Look, I'm in the US and I went through the process of contacting Braun in the US which is Proctor and Gamble. Above is the reply they gave me. Do you think I'd have some reason to make this up? I was just trying to let people--in the US--know about it. Okay?

            1. re: Birmingham

              Relax. It's strange, though, that Braun/PnG hasn't made this public on their sites.

      2. I read online a year ago that Braun was leaving the US market entirely. Found it hard to believe, but in line with our imperial decline, and doubt I would have believed it if it had not been in a business news report. Will find link and post here.

        1. This link from January 2008 is the most on-point I found in a quick search

          :: Braun, one of our favorite companies in a few categories, will start phasing kitchen appliances out of the U.S. market in March. ... Braun will continue to distribute other products, like toothbrushes and shavers. After Braun stops distributing kitchen appliances to stores, people will be able to buy them online until stock runs out. Then, they will only be available abroad. ::

          For whatever reasons, Braun (or P&G) did not put this news out in a press release. It's pretty clear that media who learned of it had to make individual inquiries, just as Birmingham did.

          If they still market a full range of kitchen machines in Canada, am I right that they'd be fine without any conversion for US electrical systems? Kagemusha, what Braun kitchen items can you document as being sold right now in Canada?

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          1. re: ellabee

            Document? Look for yourself. They're around. No voltage issues. Note the CSA electrical inspection clearance isn't the same as UL for insurance purposes.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              Really sorry to learn that Braun has stopped distributing kitchen appliances in the U.S. Strange that there has been so little information about what prompted this decision.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                Took you up on that gracious invitation, and found that at the big chains (Sears Canada, Canadian Tire, the only Braun offerings are the shavers and tooth-cleaning machines, just as in the U.S. for the past several years. just has one lone kitchen product, a food processor, among a dozen or two shavers/toothbrushes.

                So, I figured, they must be sold at kitchen stores. Here, I'm at a real disadvantage in not being in or from Canada. Light Googling turns up in Toronto, which sells only Cuisinart and Viking in the usual Braun categories (blender, food processor, grinder). The baking-focused Golda's Kitchen doesn't include any Brauns in its offerings, either.

                Not turning up much more, I was just figuring I'd ask Kagemusha and others here where knowledgeable cooks go for kitchen electrics in Toronto, when a chow thread from last fall appeared in the results. It asked where to buy a Braun hand blender, and Kagemusha (!) provided the answer, a link to the site of a large kitchen or small-electrics specialist in Toronto. Unfortunately, it was during the first intermission of the Stanley Cup final when I was doing my Braun-seeking, and I didn't save the link; by the second intermission, I was not in a mood for it (we were pulling for Vancouver). And I'm not going to do any more searching for it, since I'm sure K. can and will provide.

                I do have one useful link, though, for those who might have a Braun appliance and want a part or accesory for it:

                A remarkably wide array of offerings. Maybe Birmingham's beaker is among them.

                Update: Found my window still open with the link -- the store is Arora Electric The chow thread is here:

                Canadians with other Braun sources please feel free to chime in; it's a long border, and Braun kitchen machines have left the shelves down here almost completely.

                1. re: ellabee

                  Arora is still the place AFAIK. They've been around for years. They've always been good with parts/repairs. I'd just contact them re: availability of whatever you're after.

            2. This is rotten. Their designs are very attractive. I'd kill to have one of their 1970's Kitchenmachines again...