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Jun 14, 2011 07:13 PM

recs near Occidental College

I'll be spending the next few days at the beautiful Occidental College campus and would love some restaurant recs. We'll have a car, but would prefer to not drive if possible. Anything in the neighborhood that's especially good?

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  1. Don't know if it is walkable - but if you can get to Colorado Blvd.,you'll have tons of great choices. Casa Bianca for stellar thin crust pizza (the homemade sausage on the pizzas is excellent!). Spitz for fun sandwiches, Camilo's for semi-formal but great food choices, I have not been to Four Cafe but the reviews are excellent, Brownstone pizza has good East Coast style thin crust and while I have mixed feelings about Auntie Ems (I think you pay extra for the cool factor) - the food is good.

    Though they seem sweet, I am not a fan of Pat & Lorraines, the food is just average.

    Oh and happy hour at The Oinkster rocks the value/cost ratio! And the fries, oh.... the fries...

    2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

    1. Oinkster.

      2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

      1. Larkin's- good, if pricey, soul food. Cash only, and they may only open for dinner during the week.

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        1. re: reality check

          I called Larkins to see if they were open for lunch today, and I overheard the guy, say "Sorry, we do not accept Discover. Only Visa and MC."

          So, I confirmed that they do accept credit cards, now.

          They also open for lunch Wed-Fri.

        2. If you feel like slumming it, and are willing to drive just a little bit, taco heaven is located just down York. I like the El Pique truck. The huaraches at El Huarache Azteca are pretty good. The potato tacos at My Taco make a good lunch, although I think JGold preferred the goat stew or something there. You should be able to find his review if you have good google-fu.

          El Huarache Azteca
          5225 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

          My Taco Restaurant
          6300 York Blvd Ste 4, Los Angeles, CA 90042

          1. Auntie Ems for breakfast or lunch, and definitely get a cupcake - some of the best desserts in the city! I love their scones & muffins too. Cacao mexicatessan - delicious!!! They are also open for breakfast and they have good coffee as well. Cafe DeLeche (if you only want coffee and a snack in the morning, go here) on 50th & York just opened up a sandwich spot up the street (on the other side of the street). Don't recall the name. Brownstone is really good pizza, I still need to try casa bianca so based on everything i've heard i'd recommend it. if you feel like driving 5 minutes for awesome pizza, try foliero's in highland park. Four Cafe is good but when i went recently the girl behind the counter was not friendly- if you can stand that, try it out for a healthy meal. Not a fan of Camilo's at all. Didn't care for my dinner and the bread they gave us was still thawing out when I tried to eat it. Senor Fish is great! you can go cheap there with a few tacos or splurge on their soups or seafood quesadilla. love the potato tacos there too. Cafe Beaujolais is good for french and a nice leisurely dinner as the service can be slow and they don't rush you out - i love the Parmesan crusted halibut. any of the jonathan gold taco places (my taco, el huarache azteca) are worth checking out - you will need the car for my taco most likely unless you really want to walk. i think from occidental you can walk to most of these spots- but it's going to be a long walk; but then you also get to see the neighborhood. enjoy!

            Cafe Beaujolais
            1712 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

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              I totally agree about Four Cafe - not friendly at all, especially if you're not white, and the food is just standard fake-NorCal cuisine

              However, have to disagree about My Taco - the food is pedestrian at best and definitely overpriced (and that lot is terrible to negotiate).

              Camilo's is overrated, as is The Oinkster (I've NEVER had a hot sandwich or fries there - they're almost always tepid).

              Auntie Em's is good, but the poseur/hipster quotient is off the charts. Casa Bianca is an institution but remember that it's only open for dinner, 4 to midnight Tuesday through Saturday.
              I like Blue Hen for vegetarian Vietnamese; Larkin is good, but they have weird hours and slightly snooty servers. Spitz has good, clean Middle Eastern food but is not as cheap as its drive-in looks would lead you to believe.

              Actually, I really like Schodorf's Luncheonette on York (only open for lunch until 4) for substantial sandwiches made with artisanal bread and excellent fillings, and even farther into Highland Park, Good Girl Dinette for interesting neo-Vietnamese.