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Jun 14, 2011 06:38 PM

Lucca Restaurants

I will be in Lucca for a few days and I'm looking for restaurant recommendations. Browsing the boards, I see Bucca di San Antonio and Trattoria da Leo recommended. Anything else? Lunch, dinner, dessert recommendations are all welcome. Thanks.

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  1. There are lots of other restaurants in Lucca, recommended in Slowfood and Gambero Rosso, Info about these are posted on the restaurant page.

    Maybe folks can give some input on them (only restaurants in the town are listed below


    La Pecora Nera


    Agli Orti di Via Elisa


    Bastian Contrario

    Locanda Buatino

    Da Giulia in Pellaria

    La Griglia di Varrone

    The slowfood guide recommends Gelateria Santini, in Piazza Cittadella 1 for the best gelato and pasticceria Taddeucci in Piazza San Michele,34 (4 km out???) for the best traditional buccellati.

    Mimi Sheraton wrote up Taddeucci a few years back -read her article through the link below.

    Agli Orti di Via Elisa
    via Elisa, 17, Lucca, Tuscany 55100, IT

    Piazza San Quirico,1, Lucca, Tuscany , IT

    La Griglia di Varrone
    viale Europa,797/f, Lucca, Tuscany , IT

    Bastian Contrario
    Via Paolino,69, Lucca, Tuscany , IT

    Locando Buatino
    Via Borgo Giannotti,508, Lucca, Tuscany , IT

    Da Giulio in Pelleria
    Via delle Conce,45, Lucca, Tuscany 55100, IT

    loc. San Alessio,via per Sant'Alessio,1403, Lucca, Tuscany , IT

    La Pecora Nera
    Piazza San Francesco,4, Lucca, Tuscany 55100, IT

    Gelateria Santini dal 1916
    Piazza Cittadella.1, Lucca, Toscana 55100, IT

    Pasticceria Taddeucci
    Piazza San Michele,34, Lucca, Toscana 55100, IT

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    1. I know this is a late reply to the initial post, but I'd like to put in a good word for the Antica Drogheria in Lucca, which is a very good pizzeria in Via Elisa. It's also a nice setting in, as the name states, and old drug store.

      The people are extremely friendly and helpful, the pizzas are delicious, the make nice salads as well, and their espresso is one of the nicest I've had in a week in and around Lucca.

      Highly recommended, and a good value. We fed 7 people for €85 and everyone was very full and very happy.

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      1. re: lowtones

        It might be a late replay to the OP but it is perfect timing for me....just what I was looking for in Lucca (as a break from more traditional meals in Rome, Venice and Florence where we are going before Lucca.) Does anyone know if reservations are necessary? Thank you.

        1. re: Shoshanna88

          Reservations are not necessary in Lucca. The restaurants we know in the city are mediocre. However, it is a wonderful city. One of the most pleasant places in the north of Italy. Lots to do and lots to see. Good food stores as well, particularly "the bean store" and "the bakery" opposite it.

      2. I also add a tip It's not really in the center but 5 minutes with taxi. Nice format, great pizza, fish osteria and nice wine bar. Enjoy!

        1. Our 2 favorite Lucca restaurants are La Bucca di San Antonio (I would suggest reservations) and Gli Orti on vis Elisa.