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Jun 14, 2011 06:08 PM

St. Louis Recommendations - Washington Univ

Greetings from California,

A family friend will be moving to STL from Seattle in August to attend Washington U. She has sophisticated tastes for someone her age (23) and she will be on a student's income.

Recommended by someone from STL but not a gourmand, I bought gift certificates to Imo's and Ted Drewe's. I want to give her a gift certificate to a restaurant or two that aren't too expensive, are close to WU or somewhere else she must see with good, interesting food where a student could get a meal for $15 - 20 or so. She likes all kinds of food.

Please recommend or refer to a previous link.

Many thanks!

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  1. Will she have a car? Also, at 23 it sounds like she will be attending a grad program -- if it is med school or nursing, those are not on the primary campus.

    A first suggestion might be Brasserie by Niche, in the Central West End.

    Brasserie by Niche
    4580 Laclede Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108

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      Yes, she will have a car and will be getting a Master's in public health and social work. Thanks for the suggestion!


      lots of decent places within that price point and 5 minutes of either the main campus or the medical campus. given the age I would imagine the U City Loop and downtown along Washington Avenue or Maplewood or South Grand would be 'fun'

      heh Imo's - good in a pinch (but don't get us started on STL pizza w/o a careful read of the raging debate on this and other boards and forae) 'you can't go wrong with Drewe's' is a fairly universal attitude (has anybody EVER said anything bad about Drewe's except for the lines on a Saturday summer night post-game?


      U City
      , Saint Louis, MO 63101

      1. I suggest a gift certificate to Coco Louco Brasil in the Central West End. 512 N Euclid Ave · Saint Louis · (314) 367-1600. They have a fabulous Sunday brunch, including both familiar brunch items and Brasilian brunch items. The Brasilian equivalent of tres leches cake is not to be missed.

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        1. re: Doug

          My wife and I recently ate an absolutely miserable meal at Coco Louco Brasil (and it pains me to say this since I live in the neighborhood). It was a weeknight and no-one else was in the restaurant. The "feijoada" more closely resembled beans and franks than anything remotely Brazilian--I'm convinced the sausage was a hotdog. My wife's vegetarian beans were no better. I fear this is a restaurant about to enter history, and not in a good way.

        2. My daughter is a student at wustl. She and her friends like Gokul. It's a vegetarian Indian buffet, and now they have a location in the Loop, not far from the Danforth campus. We also really like Guido's on the Hill. It's an interesting place, Spanish and Italian food. I really like the Spanish food there, and they have a good version of St. Louis-style pizza.

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            Gokul's location on Page is quite good, but the Delmar spot in the Loop, despite its kosher certification, is...lacking. They are still, I believe, only doing their buffet, nothing a la carte, and are repeatedly slow to refill the items, leaving one with rice, sauce, and a few vegetables. (It's vegetarian at both locations.) Just a FYI.