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Jun 14, 2011 03:11 PM

Looking for a new to me Kosher food store

A few times a year my husaband and i go to Baltimore, and among other things, shop at 7 Mile Market. We live in the NW Philly burbs and know the "back ways" to Baltimore BUT it takes us about three hours. I LOVE shopping in Baltimotre BUT I am waondering if there isnt a place possibly closer with a similar all Kosher food store with a GOOD fresh fish/deli/dairy/bakery dept or good places near by. Killer fried chicken and Chinese is a HUGE bonus. Pizza is not an issue we get good pizza near by and to thiink if it we get GREAT CHINESE too ,but more Chinese is always a bonus. ANY Asian actually is always good!

ANY suggestions? I do NOT want another Shopritre Kosher experiance-I live within an hour to THREEE of yhem and shop in non prefering my "Kosher" Acme. i want to make it clear that i LOVE &MM I am just looking for a possibly closwr option.

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  1. Ever try Pomegranate in Brooklyn? It is not as large as Seven Mile mkt, but IMO the food selection is as good or better. It has the best kosher cheese selection we have ever seen anywhere. There is take out, sushi, fresh bakery, etc etc. Plus you are in Brooklyn, the kosher restaurant Mecca.

    Also, probably too far, but Rockland Kosher in Monsey would fit the bill as well.

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    1. re: Hirscheys

      Hirscheys...... the OP said she wanted a closer option, Brooklyn and Monsey are definitely not closer.... plus I am guessing from the amount she posts, she knows about these places.

      To the OP: Where are you relative to Yardley?

      1. re: vallevin

        Yardley is about an hour from us down the turnpike. I am very close to King Of Prussia.
        As for NY, I am a Philly girl with my roots in Philly and Wilmington. My husband's family is from NY but he grew up on MD. I am really ignorant of the whole NY shopping scene, I have HEARD of loads of places but coudl use a few suggestions fo where to go. My husaband woudl LOVE a huge cheese selection sp thanks for the tip about Pomegranate. :)

        1. re: vallevin

          Technically, Pomegranate is slightly closer than Seven mile market. I mentioned that Monsey is farther away. I assumed she knew, but since there are very few places as large as seven mile market, there was always the slight chance she hadn't heard of it (or of the cheese selection :)). On the other hand, not mentioning it is definitely not helpful, and I would rather be superfluous than unhelpful.

          1. re: Hirscheys

            I am thrilled you mentioned P especially fopr the cheese selection. Todah rabah:)

            1. re: Prettypoodle

              Well, if you drive in sundry directions for other purposes, and stop to check out some groceries while in exotic Holy Cities (Baltimore, Brooklyn) I suggest that you check out the Paramus Fairway next time you're cruising up the Garden State Parkway. I am working on the assumption (I've never been to that Fairway since my Rav advises against crossing the Hudson to purchase kosher groceries) but if it's like other Fairways, you should check out the spices, dried fruits, vinegars, oils, and boutique American, Israeli and European cheeses, and buy a baguette. Buy two, because the first will make the car l smell so tempting that the first may not make it home. A taste of Paris on the road to Philadelphia. Alas, no Chinese or fried chicken.

              1. re: AdinaA

                Forgive my ignorance, but why would a rav dictate which side of the river you may shop at? Is this a joke?

                1. re: emacat

                  since when does advise mean dictate?

                  could be many reasons the Rav would advise this , ie. supporting local business, saving the river toll....

                  1. re: emacat

                    Emacat.....where are you located, the addage of "Never cross a bridge" is common in the tri-state area (usually related to the fact that Bridge traffic is A) onerous and B) expensive (I know the GWB is at least $7)

                    1. re: emacat

                      It was a joke. Honest. Just a joke. Mocking the Manhattan view of the world A joke. Like, calling Baltimore and Brooklyn "Holy cities". Really, That's all it was.

                      Even though people do hate to pay that toll, and sitting in traffic to cross the bridge when you can buy Empire chicken just as well in Manhattan is bitul Torah, and even though there is strong support in Manhattan as elsewhere in favor of supporting the local kosher establishments.

                      Such as West Side Kosher, Seasons (Supersol), Park East Kosher and Trader Joe's.

                      It was only a joke.