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Jun 14, 2011 03:06 PM

Great Boudin noir/ Boudin Blanc in Belgium?

Looking for the ultimate boudin to try in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent or Bruges.

Help...? :)

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  1. Boudin noir, boudin blanc? Think of them as everyday commodities rather than fine foods - they are the kind of thing that people cook at home rather than eat in restaurants. Boudins turn up occasionally in restaurants (the more democratic places and probably accompanied by stoemp) but the best thing is to go to any local market, find the butcher's stand with the longest queue and ask for a demi-kilo. Somebody will probably have a sign over their stand reading "le roi du boudin" but it doesn't really mean much - just look for one where the presentation says that this is an artisan producer who has some pride in his work.

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      I'm embarrassed to say I've enjoyed delicious boudin noir aux raisins found at the Delhaize. Go know.

    2. I would go for Viva M'Boma in Brussels, they have good ones. Their sandwich shop nearby also sells them if you prefer to cook yourself.