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Jun 14, 2011 02:56 PM

Do I need a new food Processor?

I have a 20 year old Cuisinart , it is in like new condition because it is such a pain to use-the bowl has to connect just right and it takes an enormous amount of strength and a couple of tries to do so,. It is easier to do by hand. I am thinking about the 12 cup kitchenaid architect series on sale 179.00 w/ a bunch of accessories. The main reason I think I want it is for pie dough and the new styles look easier to operate. This one has the 3 nesting bowls which seem handy-It is alot of money and I would need to use it frequently to justify the purchase.What are your thoughts?

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  1. I have a fairly new Cuisinart and it is still kind of a pain to put on the top. I only make tart dough one at a time so I am not aware of whether you need a 12 cup to make pie dough. If not, maybe a smaller one? But you may find with the nesting bowls that you use it more. Kind of a trade off.

    1. Do you make a lot of pies? Because if you do, a food processor that works well sure makes your life easier and saves time. (Not to mention it does a lot of other stuff.)

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        Certain times of the year I make quite a few-we had a bad frost (in Arizona-who knew!) so I lost my sonoran lime tree (great sub for key limes) and a giant lemon tree so probably less pies now but I cook alot and sometimes cater

      2. I had a similar model 3 bowl kitchen aid and replaced it after 4 years with the new 14 cup Cuisinart Elite after I killed it.

        I love having the multi bowls, but if all you think you will use it for is pie dough I wouldn't bother getting one.

        1. Well I would suggest that if your current FP is so cumbersome that you can't use it, it's of no value to you. So if you feel you do have use for a FP then your answer is YES.


          1. I think if it is easy to use and clean I would use it for alot of things but i'm not sure-because Ive not very experienced using one. Do you really like the elite better? It's a big jump in price but
            I like quality products

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              Will it be too heavy for you??


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                The food processors made these days are MUCH easier to use than the older ones. (I was reminded of this fact when I cooked at the Man's parents' house last month.) If you're doing the pies AND catering, you could absolutely benefit from a newer FP.

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                  I have an 11-cup KitchenAid with a smaller nesting bowl, and I love it. It is very, very easy to snap the bowl and lid in place and then to release them (so, so much easier than my mother's older Cuisinart, which I hated wrestling with when I visited), and it has held up well to several years of fairly regular use (once or twice a week). The smaller bowl is really handy for salsas, chopping nuts or herbs, etc. It's pretty easy to clean, and everything can go in the dishwasher.