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Do I need a new food Processor?

I have a 20 year old Cuisinart , it is in like new condition because it is such a pain to use-the bowl has to connect just right and it takes an enormous amount of strength and a couple of tries to do so,. It is easier to do by hand. I am thinking about the 12 cup kitchenaid architect series on sale 179.00 w/ a bunch of accessories. The main reason I think I want it is for pie dough and the new styles look easier to operate. This one has the 3 nesting bowls which seem handy-It is alot of money and I would need to use it frequently to justify the purchase.What are your thoughts?

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  1. I have a fairly new Cuisinart and it is still kind of a pain to put on the top. I only make tart dough one at a time so I am not aware of whether you need a 12 cup to make pie dough. If not, maybe a smaller one? But you may find with the nesting bowls that you use it more. Kind of a trade off.

    1. Do you make a lot of pies? Because if you do, a food processor that works well sure makes your life easier and saves time. (Not to mention it does a lot of other stuff.)

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        Certain times of the year I make quite a few-we had a bad frost (in Arizona-who knew!) so I lost my sonoran lime tree (great sub for key limes) and a giant lemon tree so probably less pies now but I cook alot and sometimes cater

      2. I had a similar model 3 bowl kitchen aid and replaced it after 4 years with the new 14 cup Cuisinart Elite after I killed it.

        I love having the multi bowls, but if all you think you will use it for is pie dough I wouldn't bother getting one.

        1. Well I would suggest that if your current FP is so cumbersome that you can't use it, it's of no value to you. So if you feel you do have use for a FP then your answer is YES.


          1. I think if it is easy to use and clean I would use it for alot of things but i'm not sure-because Ive not very experienced using one. Do you really like the elite better? It's a big jump in price but
            I like quality products

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              Will it be too heavy for you??


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                The food processors made these days are MUCH easier to use than the older ones. (I was reminded of this fact when I cooked at the Man's parents' house last month.) If you're doing the pies AND catering, you could absolutely benefit from a newer FP.

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                  I have an 11-cup KitchenAid with a smaller nesting bowl, and I love it. It is very, very easy to snap the bowl and lid in place and then to release them (so, so much easier than my mother's older Cuisinart, which I hated wrestling with when I visited), and it has held up well to several years of fairly regular use (once or twice a week). The smaller bowl is really handy for salsas, chopping nuts or herbs, etc. It's pretty easy to clean, and everything can go in the dishwasher.

                2. I have a Cuisinart from 1984, and have replaced the plastic and "S" blade on it twice in that time. The motor has been fine, I've got a whisk attachment which they no longer make and a 1mm slicing blade which also is extinct. It is a DLC-8 model, and I use it every time I cook.

                  Whichever brand you choose, I recommend that the buttons to turn the machine on into "pulse" mode or "on" mode be lever style instead of push buttons. You have more control with lever style switches than the push button types.

                  I have only used a Kitchenaid FP once years ago at a client's house. I swear by Cuisinart because the motors stand up to many years of use. Blades and plastic on any FP will need replacing over the years with good usage.

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                    I agree that Cuisinart is a great brand, I got one for a wedding gift and it was maybe a little bit of a pain to drag out and use, but compared to how quickly it finished the shredding/chopping tasks, and it DID fit in the dishwasher although it took up a lot of room, I loved it. Then my husband dropped it and broke the hell out of the housing. It still worked just like it used to, but it skeeved me out too much to use it more than once. They were at that time closing out the current models at a screaming deal, so I bought the next size down and miracle of miracles, the DLC-11 used the same size discs and accessories as my old DLC-14- and I had damn near all of them. I have both sharpened and replaced the cutting blade, I don't think i'll live long enough to wear anything out. I can't say anything bad about the cuisinarts, but what I started out to say is that every successive generation of Cuisinart food processors has gotten easier and smoother to use. They learn from the previous model what needs improving in the next one.