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Jun 14, 2011 01:48 PM

Recommendations for good oyster happy hour or just cheap West Coast oysters?

I'm wondering if anyone has found a gem with inexpensive West Coast oysters. I know Oyster House has a $1 oyster happy hour, but they're Blue Points. I'm curious if anyone's aware of any places that either have good deals or a happy hour for West Coast oysters like Fanny Bays.


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  1. Go to Snockey's for Clammy Hour, 4-6pm. It's been a while since I've been there but I believe all raw oysters are 75 cents each.

    1. Fish does $1 oysters during happy hour and it includes a variety of oysters including West coast ones.

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        Thanks! I'll look into this one. The 75 cent deal above is probably for Blue Points, which I'm not interested in. Those are easy to find and not that good :)

        1. re: smartcooki

          No, it's 75 cents for ALL raw oysters.

          1. re: Buckethead

            Wow this is going to happen for me real soon.

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              I wanted to post an update on our experience this weekend. We called both Snockey's and Fish before deciding on a place. Snockey's does have a 75 cent oyster happy hour, but they only pick one oyster for that. The day we called (Friday), it was one from Delaware, so we decided to go with Fish. Fish chooses 3 types and on Friday it was all West Coast oysters for $1.50 each. We liked Fish Point and Penn Cove and didn't love the third variety. Ended up eating 3.5 dozen :)

              1. re: smartcooki

                Sorry to give bad information, I thought it was 75 cents for all oysters.

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            Hi. Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation and provide feedback. We checked out Fish on Friday for their happy hour. They had 3 West Coast varieties on happy hour for $1.50 each. We tried all three and liked two, Fish Point and Penn Cove. Ended up eating 3.5 dozen in total. Drinks were also reasonable at $6-7. We had mint juleps, which were alright. Unfortunately, the service wasn't great, but the oysters were worth it. You can only do happy hour at the bar, which had 6-7 people including us, and somehow the bartender/server managed to be off to the side somewhere talking to the staff most of the time. We'd definitely go again for the oyster quality and price, though!

            3 West
            665 Martinsville Rd Ste 101, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

            1. re: smartcooki

              Guess they raised the prices, which isn't too surprising I suppose. Still as you mention $1.50 for west coast oysters is still a good deal. Thanks for the update.

              1. re: barryg

                Sounds fantastic. Do you know the days/times Fish offers their happy hour?

                1. re: burbgirl

                  I think the early one is 6-7:30pm or something like that. I would recommend calling to verify. The menu also said they have a late happy hour 9-11pm or something like that. I'd also doublecheck.

          3. I do not know if they still do it but Bridget's uin Ambler used to offer a free raw bar at happy hour, I beleive it was on Thursday nights. Really nice selection, i can't recall what type of oysters though.

            1. Can't help you with the raw oysters but.....
              Election day in Glassboro, NJ there is an all you can eat Fried Oyster or Ham dinner.
              The oysters are superb if you don't mind them fried. We only eat them once a year.It is the St. Thomas Episcopal church fundraiser. We wouldn't miss it.

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              1. Just thought I'd mention the sign outside Snockey's this weekend said they had 13 varieties of oysters available raw

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                1. re: Bigley9

                  At happy hour prices? Lots of places have many varieties, but few have any good ones at happy hour prices, unfortunately.

                  1. re: smartcooki

                    no price on the sign. I thought 13 was more than I have seen as options most places (and I would never have guessed Snockey's had anywhere near that many options)

                    1. re: Bigley9

                      I'm sure they're regular price then, which is around $3 for West Coast oysters. I live in NYC, so there are many places that offer that many varieties at regular prices. The hard part is finding them at half price! :)

                      So far, Fish was the best option in Philly given the quality and price at happy hour. In NYC, Mermaid Inn satisfies my needs, but really sad that Choptank is no more. They used to have all varieties at half off, i.e. $1.50 for 5-6 types of West Coast oysters.

                      1. re: smartcooki

                        I usually go to Ippolitos and shuck them myself - $.75to 1.25 - 6 to 8 oysters available standard, lots more special order (24 hrs notice). They are retail for Samuels and Son