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Jun 14, 2011 01:29 PM

Best Apple Pies in NH/VT?

Do you know of a place with EXCELLENT fresh apple pies or apple cobblers in NH or VT? I realize that there are several good brands sold at supermarkets, but I'm looking for something fresh. A place near Lebanon, NH would be best, but since the person is an apple pie/cobbler connoisseur, I'm willing to have something delivered by courier from further away. The important thing is that the pie be truly great.

Thank you!

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  1. We buy pies at Richardson's, Water St, Boscawen NH. Warning: they also sell ice cream that is made at the family farm in Dracut, MA.

    Not sure what apples they would use this time of year. Possibly they freeze some in the fall.

    I'm guessing travel time from Lebanon to Boscawen would be about 1 hour via I89 to Rt 127, right onto Long Street in Webster. It turns into Water Street. Richardson's is on your left.

    1. South Hero, VT: Allenholm farm. They have pick your own apples (in season) and their pies and cider are really great. (


      Waterbury, VT: Cold Hollow Cider Mill ( They have killer pies though their cider and cider donuts are their best products. :)

      1. Mountain Creamery in Woodstock, VT. The pie is fabulous but I'm not sure if they sell whole pies to go, or if they have apple at this time of year. But give them a call, definitely.

        1. +2 for Mountain Creamery...they used to ship to NJ and NYC, but now you have to go there and order your own 5 pounds of apples wrapped up in's a nice drive from anywhere...we come from Manchester VT at lease twice a year for the pie.

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            +3 for Mountain Creamery...and ditto on checking to see if that particular pie is available. Best to call ahead...they may even take an order and make one especially for you. phone number is: 802-457-1715. address is 33 Central, right in "downtown" Woodstock

          2. The Putney Diner - so tasty

            Putney Diner
            82 Main St, Putney, VT 05346