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Jun 14, 2011 01:22 PM

Best Mail Order Apple Pie?

I'd like to order an apple pie for someone as a gift. The recipient is a real apple pie connoisseur, so I'd like to get a really GREAT pie. The two mail order places that have the best reviews are Julian Pie Company and Elegant Farmer (but they want $100 for shipping), but the reviews are from people who bought the pies fresh from the store.


1. If you know anything about the above places, would you recommend them? Are there any other places that have great mail order pies?

2. Will the quality of such a pie be greatly degraded with overnight shipping? Am I better off getting a decent apple from a nearby bakery that can deliver same-day or a GREAT pie that's shipped overnight?

Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi

    Grand Traverse Pie Company- makes some great tasty pies, known for being one of the best America has to offer.. maybe you heard of them? they're highly rated and for a good reason. I would recommend them as well Julian Pie Company. Yummy just thinking of them, makes me want to Order a Pie to treat myself

    I second . Mom's Apple Pie best.. they are delicious. i like them

    Pie Gourmet in Vienna. It has fabulous pies, including the apple. But they aren't cheap... Dangerously Delicious Pies are Famous for their pies.. hey sell Apple. as for my advice when it comes to sending someone a Apple Pie, it has to smell and give them that Homemade taste!.it can't be from a Supermarket Local Bakeries are great..

    The Websites I gave you are Bakeries Themselves

    1. I was ready to hit reply to recommend Elegant Farmer, but never mind. That's insane that they want $100 dollars. I'm spoiled because I live 15 minutes from the place and can get fresh paper bag apple pie whenever I want. :)

      The Lake Geneva Pie Company (which is actually located very near to EF) has received a ton of awards for their pies and everything I've ever had from there is insanely delicious. It might be worth a look into their shipping costs. (