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Jun 14, 2011 12:42 PM

Dinner and breakfast options near 2301 Market Street (Exelon) and 1800 Market Street (Crowne Plaza Hotel)

Will be staying at the Crowne Plaza and attending meetings at Exelon next week and will have several opportunities for dinners and breakfast. Dinners will likely be with colleagues -- looking for good food, but casual setting hopefully within walking distance of the hotel or Exelon office. Breakfast will be just me and looking for good coffee/tea place and/or a good diner type place that is within walking distance of hotel or Exelon office. Not overly concerned with $$.

Appreciate your recommendations.


BL -- DC Hound

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  1. Pretty much the entire downtown is available to you for dinner, much is walkable and a short cab ride makes everything else accessible. A couple casual, walkable restaurants that would be good for dinner are Village Whiskey and The Dandelion, though the former is small so I wouldn't go with anymore than four people, and there may be a wait during peak hours. But you have a lot of dinner options so browse around the board and other web sites.

    For breakfast, if you can go a few blocks out of the way, Parc on Rittenhouse Square opens early and is a nice place for breakfast, especially if you sit in the windows. La Colombe on 19th is also a nice place to get coffee and a pastry. Farther out of the way but with great pour over coffee and espresso drinks is Elixir. On the way, Nook on 20th St does a decent job with coffee and has really good muffins and other baked goods. BTW most of the street carts make good breakfast sandwiches so that's another option if you're in a hurry.