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Jun 14, 2011 11:16 AM

Good butcher in the south bay or peninsula?

I used to love Dittmer's and although expensive they were almost always a sure thing in terms of quality. I know they'll be back before the end of the year but I haven't found another local butcher that offers high quality grass fed beef, possibly dry-aged and other consistently high quality meats. Whole foods seems grossly overpriced for what it is and I've found the quality to be hit-or-miss. Plus, I'd much prefer supporting a local person/company/family.

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  1. Have you tried the farmers markets? Prather Ranch is at Campbell and their meat (beef, vitellone, lamb, pork) is of the highest quality, grass fed and consistently delicious. There are two grass fed vendors at the Mountain View market, one with Longhorn beef and the other with a variety of grass fed meats, including goat among the other usuals. I don't find either of their meats to be as good as Prather, but they're worth a look.

    This is different from a butcher, I know, but it's something to explore.

    Prather Ranch
    1 Ferry Bldg # 32, San Francisco, CA

    1. Have you been to Draegers?

      1. Have you tried Schaub's Meat, Fish and Poultry in the Stanford Shopping Center?

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        1. I've been using Draeger's since Dittmer's burnt down... They are a decent substitute, but do not have all the awesome sausages and charcuterie.
          I thought most of Dittmer's meat was corn fed... I know that Dittmer's never had dry aged beef.
          You can get Marin Sun Farm's grass fed beef for great prices at Sigona's in RWC.

          1. Save-More Meat market in Pacifica is outstanding. I couldn't recommend him enough.

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              I second Schaub. Never got anything bad from there. Have to disagree re. friendliest peeps at Draegers...they have a tendency of having only two cashiers maximum...creates quite the backup at times...also some staff of the staff *cough* assistant manager are downright rude at times...never initiated a "hello" ever...I was a weekly shopper...

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                Thanks. I'd forgotten about Schaub. I'll re-visit it. :)