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Jun 14, 2011 11:07 AM

Beaver Island Food

We are heading to Beaver Island in a few weeks with a large group of friends and their families. There will be about 10 adults and 10 kids. We are renting a house that will fit all of us, and have family-style menus planned for every day. I suspect my husband and I will want to get away from it all a few times during the week for meals, but it does not look like there are many options. All I can find online are a few (4-5) pubs/bars with burgers, sandwiches, etc.

Does anyone know of good places to eat on Beaver Island? A burger and beer at a pub is fine, but it would be nice to know if there are slightly less casual options on the island, especially for (not fried) seafood and a nice glass of wine. We don't need fancy, just solid food and a little peace and quiet. Thanks!

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  1. There aren't that many places to begin with, as you can see from these listings:

    I haven't been there, but it sounds like this is probably the least casual option:

    1. When we lived in Michigan we vacationed on Beaver Island twice. We stayed at the Beaver Island Lodge and had dinner several times at the restaurant there. nsxtasy is's pretty much the only "non-casual" restaurant on the island. I remember the food was fairly upscale and was good. As were the martinis! If it is a warm evening, dining on the patio with the great view of the lake would definitely be a nice get away for you and your husband!

      Both times we were on the island we ate every breakfast at Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli. Very good breakfasts. We did not eat lunch there but everything we ordered for breakfast was great.

      We had lunch several times at Shamrock Restaurant & Pub. It's your basic pub/grill food. Again, it is a warm day,it's nice to sit on the patio with a view of the marina.

      I would skip Stoney Acre Grill. Basically Gordon Food Service (or Sysco) food and the atmosphere kind of reminded me of a school cafeteria. Probably not what you have in mind! I see on their website they have added Donegal Danny’s Pub which was not there when we ate there so that may be an option for you. Although the website talks about a complimentary hot dog buffet on Sundays so maybe not!

      We really enjoyed our vacations on Beaver Island, despite the limited dining. We took several classes and did kayak excursions with the Inland Seas School of Kayaking which is conveniently located right across from Dalwhinnie's.

      Have a great vacation!

      Stoney Acre Grill
      PO Box 157, Beaver Island, MI 49782

      1. So, we just returned from our trip, and Beaver Island is lovely, but there really are not many places to go out to eat. The restaurant at the Lodge is known as the nicest place on the island, and the food was very good. Most entrees were in the $20 range, and they had local fish, steak, etc. Very good overall. My personal favorite place was Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli. Amazing sandwiches and wraps. I tasted the grilled portabello/feta/tomato/red onion sandwich, fried chicken/romaine/red onion/honey mustard wrap, and the tomato bisque soup. All were excellent. Everyone in our group who ate there agreed it was the best place for lunch. I heard that the sandwiches at the shamrock were good, but never tried them. Overall, Beaver Island is a very quiet and quaint place to relax the days away. And although it is slim pickings, you can definitely find a decent meal.