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Jun 14, 2011 11:06 AM

Cool, to a 13 year old, Manhatten restaurants ????

My daughter graduates Junior High this Sunday and would like to celebrate by going into the city for dinner. We live in the 5Towns, and barely ever venture into the city so aside from the well known places, I don"t know many restaurants. I want cool, not stuffy, and either milchig or fleishig, we are open. Thanks !

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  1. Cool to a 13 year old. Clubhouse cafe is probably the only kosher restauraurant that is "cool". It should be fun.

    1. Noi Due feels very hip and urban. As does Prine KO. Sleek, upscale, contemporary feeling. Both deliver a Manhattan feel you don't get in the Five Towns. And a menu unlike the ones she's used to. She will feel upscale, urbane, Manhattan glamorous.

      Dakshin and Shalom Bombay would give here a taste of the exotic. Even more exotic are the several Indian vegetarian places in Curry Hill. Several of these are supervised but open on Shabbat. And they feel more exotic than Dakshin and Shalom Bombay because the decor is more ethnic and because lots of Indian vegetarians eat in them. You could also wander into a spice shop and stock up on exotic aromas.

      A whole different direction would be to to go Greenwich Village funky. Sacred Chow supervised but is open on Shabbat and is widely trusted in the NYU/Cardozo frum community. It's vegan. The food is wierd and delectable. Very casual Very Village. There will be college students present. You can walk through Washington Square Park after dinner.

      I suppose that it all depends on what you think of when you think Manhattan.

      Have you, by the way, thought of adding a show to the program. I assume she is in love with harry Potter. Seeing him dance and sing in How to Succeed on Broadway is a WOW she would never forget.

      1. I'm going to take a completely different stance on this. The OP's question get asked A LOT on the Joan Hamburg radio show (albeit for non-kosher restaurants). Joan will always suggest restaurants in which there is a young crowd, and a shot at celebrity watching.

        Since I doubt there is any restaurant in which there will be celebrity watching, I'd suggest places that are downtown or near Times Square so that she can at least do some people watching from the windows. Also, how adventurous is your daughter palate-wise? If she is a budding foodie you might want to splurge on the tasting menu at Mike's Bistro.

        Use the Shamash map function to figure a out a place you'd like to walk around and see what comes up.

        Good Luck

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          Prime KO has had a couple of celebrity sightings, but I don't think it's often enough that you should go just for that.

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            if they wait till next Tuesday night and go to Pardes, I'll wear sunglasses and pretend to be a celebrity

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              Berel, you ARE a least on this board :)

          2. My son at that age was very impressed by Abigail's, having never been to a genuinely fancy restaurant. The chocolate fondue just sent him over the top.

            1. My sons always consider "adult" restaurants to be cool - so i'd do a prime grill thing