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Jun 14, 2011 10:43 AM

Best Restaurants In Bologna and Parma Area

We will be in the area and are looking for suggestions for restaurants in Bologna and others in the Parma/Modena area. We are very happy with casual types of local places to eat. Thanks.

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  1. Be sure to read thru the discussions listed below. There have been many prior threads on dining in Bologna & the Parma areas. You could also do a search (in the upper right hand corner of this page) for both cities.

    The NY Times recently ran a "36 Hours in Bologna" article:

    1. Definitely do a board search, I found loads of helpful info here before our recent trip.

      This thread was especially useful. My trip report (Bologna only) is at the end:

      1. Oh you are going to have a great time - the food in the E-R is fantastic. I posted a trip report a couple of months ago on our last trip to E-R and Piemonte and I would again recommend every place we ate.

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          Thanks for all of your help. The Times article is not very complete but i am trying to "digest" all of the wonderful advice on these boards. Unfortunately we will only be in Bologna for 2 days and Parma for 3 and in both places we will be staying right outside of the city center since we will have a car. That way we will also be able to travel in the countryside and will be taking the Parma Galoosa tour even though we do not usually do tours.

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            Joe, let me know if you can't find my report and I will look up our recs. Due Platani was a stand-out that I can remember.

            1. re: ekc

              Thanks. I found your review but it wasn't too specific so I did some other research on the restaurant and will add it to my list. Thanks.

            2. re: joelaine

              Since you will have a car, take a look at Al Cavallino Bianco, in Polesine Parmense. Well worth the drive from Parma. If you go back a couple of years in your searches, you should find my post on this, along with Bologna and Modena restaurants.

              Al Cavallino Bianco
              Via Sbrisi, 2, Polesine Parmense, Emilia-Romagna 43010, IT

              1. re: rrems

                HIGHLY second the Al Cavallino Bianco recommendation! One of the best meals of our trip!

                Al Cavallino Bianco
                Via Sbrisi, 2, Polesine Parmense, Emilia-Romagna 43010, IT

          2. There is an outstanding resturant in Bologna named "Antiquites"
            It is on a side street and next to a junk yard.

            Go for pasta with white truffles.
            Minimal English spoken here,, but a good Hound will get by!

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              I just spent 5 days in Bologna. I showed the Times report to some locals who laughed and said most of the restaurants featured are tourist haunts and no longer the top top. Its a decent start though. Just walk around the Centro Storico. Look at menus and see what the crowd is like. Theres so many cute back alleys with nice osterias youre guaranteed to find something tasty!

              1. re: ibrown

                Glad you had a good visit, however, can you be more specific? as with names of Osterie you enjoyed? or which restaurants the bolognesi though were the top top?

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                  I'm going to echo jen kalb's request -- especially since the "centro storico" of Bologa is sizeable, and also because the Times only listed one restaurant in its article, which happens to be located in the "cute back alleys" of the centro storico -- and this one is quite at the periphery. So unless you are more specific, somebody following your advice is likely to end up exactly in the Times recommended restaurant you indicate locals laugh at. Are you sure you they were referring to restaurants, not food stores mentioned by the Times?

                  Before the Times article was published, I asked a Bolognese "local" (her family has lived in Bologna for four centuries), for a restaurant recommendation. She recommended All'Osteria Bottega.


                  That was before the Times article appeared. I've yet to eat there, but is that the restaurant you showed to (how many?) locals? Did they offer substitute recommendations, or just tell you look at menus and the crowds inside restaurants in the center?

                  The Times did mention Tamburini and a few other food stores that even I think are more tourist attractions than places to get the best food. But several other of that article's recommendations -- like the caffe Terzi or the bring-your-own-food wine bar, the Osteria del Sole -- are places where I've yet to see a tourist, and the staff is plainly surprised to see one walk in.

                  I really don't know about the enoteca mentioned in the Times article. Is that a place your Bolognesi friends dismissed?

                  But what interests me even more is where you personally ate, and what you ordered.

                  What did you eat in Bologna during your 5 days (and where)?

                  All'Osteria Bottega
                  Via Santa Caterina, 51, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna , IT