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Jun 14, 2011 10:13 AM

Myrtle Beach need some new reccomendations

Going to N. Myrtle fo 8 days mid July, we come there a few times a year and thanks to Chowhound usually hit Mr Fish, Biminis, the Noizy Oyster and Prossers BBQ (only Buffet we eat there) looking for a few new recs, not much into chains, buffets or fine dining. Looking for casual and affordable eats where we can wear shorts and a Tshirt in. Is there any affordable but good sushi there? Looking $10 or less a roll. Any great sandwich places? Finn McCools is near where we stay so might try it as I heard good things aboutit. How about the best pizza or a good hotdog?

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  1. bumping this up because we leave on saturday morning. How about best place to go in calabash since we are staying in NorthMyrtle its a short drive.

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      I tell you, Myrtle Beach recs are few and far between on this website. Apparently it is an abyss of average at best restaurants, which is incredible considering the number of options there. I posted a request a few weeks back, and received a couple recs, one of which was Snooky's in Little River, which would be located between NMB and Calabash. We also had some brief dialogue on Calabash, you can check out the thread below.

      4495 Baker St, Little River, SC 29566

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        "Apparently it is an abyss of average at best restaurants, which is incredible considering the number of options there"
        I dont exactly agree with that statement...there are many great restrauants on the Grand Strand..they are just mostly on the South End...Garden City, Murrells Inlet,Litchfield, Pawleys and Georgetown.
        In North Myrtle I do suggest Lunch with LuLu at Fat Harolds!

        1. re: LaLa

          I based that comment partially on the lack of recs that are generated from Chowhound members, and partially on dining in that area on and off for over 30 years. Not being a local, there could be a ton of good restaurants in MB and NMB that I'm unaware of, but rarely do they get any attention on this website. I do know that Garden City, Murrells Inlet,Litchfield, Pawleys and Georgetown offer some good options, but you would think with the number of restaurants in MB and NMB, that there would be more worth noting than there appears to be.

          I will check out Lunch with LuLu at Fat Harold's, perhaps this Wednesday when I'm there, if not this week then I'll look it up in August.

    2. At Calabash, I always go to one of four places--Dockside, Beck's, Seafood Hut, or Ella's. Never had a bad meal at any of them. My favorites on the south end include Sara J's and Gulfstream Cafe in Garden City, and Russell's and Lee's Inlet Kitchen in Murrells Inlet.

      Yes, it is strange that Myrtle Beach proper is not known for really good restaurants. Seems it wouldn't be difficult to transport all that fresh local seafood just a few more miles, but I suppose many of the tourists wouldn't appreciate it anyway.

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        We don;t mind a short drive so hile staying in North Myrtle I think Murrell Inlet wuill be as far as we would venture. Ate at Becks a few years back so might try Ellas this time it seemed to get some posts in other threads. Will try Fat Harold's I don't think its far from where we are staying. It is a bit of chain restaurant abyss there or bad buffets neither of which we do (ok an occassional margaritaville visit) Our goal on this trip starting sat is to not eat at anything we can eat at close to home or in another city we frequent (which takes out Margaritaville).