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Jun 14, 2011 10:10 AM

Best Deli for catering in Columbia/Howard County

Anyone have any recommendations for a deli that caters in the Columbia/Ellicott City area? I want to impress some European friends with some dynamite American food.

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  1. You want to impress Europeans with a spread like deli meats, bread and sandwich stuff? You should try the new Pita & Rye in Fulton. It's a kosher deli. They're new, so they're still figuring stuff out. But it might have unusual stuff for you, and they definitely do platters, etc. Also, New York Deli in Columbia has good sandwiches. I assume they would deliver platters too.

    If you aren't going too big, there are good places that will deliver. Any flexibility to push out beyond deli?

    New York Deli
    4926 Edgewood Rd, College Park, MD 20740

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    1. re: HowChowBlog

      Attman's is the best deli in the area -- I've previously posted that they are one of the best restaurants in Baltimore. They aren't in Columbia, but they do delivery, so it might be worthwhile asking.

      Regardless, they put all the other area delis to shame.

      1. re: JonParker

        The Edmart in Pikesville will also deliver for a large enough order, and it is excellent -- esp the smoked fish, but corned beef and pastrami as well. Though kosher style, I am pretty sure that it is open Saturday as well.

        1. re: lawhound

          Thanks..........good suggestion. I'd forgotten about Edmart since I haven't been there for years. I remember that they were very good.

          1. re: joy314

            I think Attman's is way better then Edmart IMHO.

      2. re: HowChowBlog

        Just remember Pita & Rye closes at 4 pm on Friday and all day Saturday for observance of the Sabbath.

        1. re: treetop tom

          Looks like a good one to try. Thanks.

        2. re: HowChowBlog

          This isn't the only meal I'll be serving them.......just one of them, but I want it to be good. Thanks for a great suggestion!

        3. We always use Charter Deli in Columbia. It's in the bottom floor of a medical building but their food is amazing and the catering service is terrific. They are on Charter Drive . Ask for the owner, his name is Tom and he will take good care of you!

          Charter Deli
          10700 Charter Dr, Columbia, MD