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Jun 14, 2011 10:07 AM

Burnaby Restaurant Recommendations for Family

I have family visiting this week for my SFU graduation and I am looking for restaurant recommendations for 2-3 dinners in the North/Central Burnaby area (although I am also open to places in the Lonsdale Quay area of North Van). My family are not gourmet diners, but they do appreciate good seafood.

For Wednesday, I am looking for a casual restaurant that will be quiet enough for conversation but will still have a TV with the Canucks playing (perhaps this is impossible?). My husband will be watching the game, but none of our visiting family members watch hockey. The restaurant must also have gluten-free options, and various family members prefer not Asian or Italian cuisine. Mains in the sub-$20 range would be best. I was thinking possibly Greek; would either Cristos or Sfinaki be what I'm looking for? If not, I suspect some place that bills itself as a "Restaurant + Grill" might be best; any suggestions? Some of the local chain restaurants might be okay, but I've never been to any of them so I'm not sure about ambiance or food quality (places like Milestones, Earl's, Cactus Club, Joey, etc).

For Thursday, I'm looking for a nice but not over-the-top-expensive place (think $20-30 range for mains). The same dietary/cuisine restrictions apply, so I was thinking a place that serves good seafood and steak might be nice. Options I've thought about include The Hart House and Milestones (they have a gluten-free menu); Horizons doesn't have any reservations available for a party of our size (7 adults), so they're out.

For Friday, I'm looking for a similar place to Thursday, except for a smaller party (5 adults) and either seafood, Chinese, or Indian. Traveling further in the Greater Vancouver area is also okay.

Hart House Restaurant
6664 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby, BC V5E 4H3, CA

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  1. Can't speculate on any place that will be quiet enough for normal conversations during Wed night ...... [wink]

    Nor on gluten-free options.

    But I think your choices of Cristos or Sfinaki are fine if you've already done some research and they meet your criteria.

    For your Wed options, I could add perhaps Mountain Shadow Pub at the corner of Barnet & Pandora. But again they won't be quiet like most places on that night.

    For Thur:
    - The Pear Tree on Hastings @ Gilmore, if the budget fits;
    - Danube European Restaurant: pretty new, haven't been. Corner of Boundary & Hastings.

    For Fri:
    - I heard good things about Gohan Japanese West Coast Japanese (Rosser just north of Lougheed) but never been;
    - the new Grand Dynasty Chinese Seafood, in the Grand Villa Casino complex off of Hwy #1/Willingdon seems to have garnered favorable reviews lately.
    - Bombay Bhel on Hastings @ Madison.

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Thanks for the advice. It's just really unfortunate that the game and this visit are coinciding like this... my family is not a sports family, and when my dad does watch sports (weekends only, never with dinner), it's basketball or football. I haven't been to Cristos or Sfinaki so I don't know about ambiance or the game, but the price and online reviews seem fine (my husband and I like Greek food, but we usually find ourselves eating Asian food if we're staying close to home for dinner). The Danube looks good--a bit casual maybe for Thursday night, but it seems delicious (The Pear Tree is, unfortunately, a bit expensive, I think).

      1. re: chp

        Unfortunately there aren't many foodie destinations in N. Bby. Restos lean towards the casual end of the spectrum, with exception of The Pear Tree and several old-school Italian restos. If Italian is acceptable, try L'Artista for your Thursday option:

        Or Baci:

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