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Jun 14, 2011 10:04 AM

sandwiches that travel well

Hi you trusty chowhounders. I need some ideas for sandwiches that I can take on a road trip and not have to worry about refrigerating. Maybe something that will get better as it sits. Thanks!

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  1. Just saw a recipe on this very site that seems perfect - can be vegetarian or not - some salami type product could add a meat vibe if needed:

    1. How long is the road trip - One day? One week?

      For a day-long run, I could see hard salami & hard cheese surviving.

      Also, Branston Pickle & sharp cheddar (maybe some really dry, aged stuff?) could make it. Of course, you have to like Branston Pickle!

      Peanut butter & honey, blended prior to spreading, would also make it.

      After a day, I think I'd resort to pre-packaged items or buy along the road.

      1. I think sandwiches using heartier bread (like french baguettes or ciabatta rolls) hold up better than softer sliced bread, if traveling. Sandwiches with cured meats also work well.

        Italian Ciabatta Sandwiches

        Ciabatta rolls, lightly toasted

        Freshly sliced mozzarella



        Fresh basil

        Basil and pine nut pesto

        Marinated artichoke hearts, thinly sliced

        Sliced tomatoes, seeds discarded