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Jun 14, 2011 08:54 AM

Stumptown Stubbies!

I recently saw in NYT Magazine that Stumptown Roasters has come out with bottled ice coffee called "stubbies."

I said they are currently being sold in Stumptown's home of Oregon but should be in NYC at end fot the month.

Has anyone seen any for sale yet or know who will be carrying them, especially in Williamsburg area?


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  1. I asked the guys at the Stumptown roastery on Van Brunt and they were a bit clued out. One thought that they'd be getting them 'early July' and didn't know if they would be bottling them in Brooklyn or not.

    219 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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      ah ha! Thanks! I actually have been asking coffee shopws that sell the brand and everyone is clueless. I read an article about it (NYTimes Mag) so we'll see if it happens !:)