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Jun 14, 2011 08:23 AM

Wait time at Au Pied Du Cochon on a Friday night?

I tried getting a table at APDC for next Friday but they're booked. Do they take walk-ins? If i show up w/ 5 or 6 people in the evening, what would the wait be like?

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  1. They'll take walk-ins if they have room, but I don't think they hold tables for that. If you do show up on a Friday night without a reservation, you'll most likely be turned away.

    1. "what would the wait be like?"

      Forever; and plan a good backup;

      It's usually easy to walk in as a single or a pair, but 5, 6 people, it's going to be hard; especially if they are booked; maybe you can be lucky and have a seat later in the evening, but what if you do not ?!


      1. i'd be very surprised if a walk-in gets you a table, with or without a wait. If anything, you might get lucky with a couple of seats at the bar.... but that's even unlikely

        1. I would not turn up at APDC with that many people on a Friday night and expect to be able to wait for a table, especially in the summer. I agree with the others, find somewhere else.

          1. Agreed with everyone else.

            5-6 people is too much. I would not go. 95% you'll never get a table and just waste your time.