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Wait time at Au Pied Du Cochon on a Friday night?

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I tried getting a table at APDC for next Friday but they're booked. Do they take walk-ins? If i show up w/ 5 or 6 people in the evening, what would the wait be like?

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  1. They'll take walk-ins if they have room, but I don't think they hold tables for that. If you do show up on a Friday night without a reservation, you'll most likely be turned away.

    1. "what would the wait be like?"

      Forever; and plan a good backup;

      It's usually easy to walk in as a single or a pair, but 5, 6 people, it's going to be hard; especially if they are booked; maybe you can be lucky and have a seat later in the evening, but what if you do not ?!


      1. i'd be very surprised if a walk-in gets you a table, with or without a wait. If anything, you might get lucky with a couple of seats at the bar.... but that's even unlikely

        1. I would not turn up at APDC with that many people on a Friday night and expect to be able to wait for a table, especially in the summer. I agree with the others, find somewhere else.

          1. Agreed with everyone else.

            5-6 people is too much. I would not go. 95% you'll never get a table and just waste your time.

            1. I dont know if you mean June 17 or 24, but the 24th will also be a holiday, so that only worsens your odds of getting in. Definitely try to book something else.

              You can also get take-out at PDC. We often get it and take it to Parc Lafontaine down the street. Best picnic I can think of.

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                Can you get anything on the menu for take-out?

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                  Typically this is something I try to keep on the DL so they don't get flooded, but the cat's out of the bag now...
                  You can get most things, but I've also tried to be reasonable in my ordering. i.e. I wouldn't try to order the pig's head, pig's foot, or their enormous pork loin just for logistical issues.... though we did once get the rib which they crammed into a take-away container.. Most things transport ok if not travelling very far.