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Jun 14, 2011 07:58 AM

London best Fish & Chips Restaurants

Can anybody inform me about the best Fish & Chips restaurants in London ?

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  1. If you do a quick search you will get quite a few results for this as it's an often asked question. My favourite is Masters Superfish in Waterloo

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    1. re: pj26

      Thanks for advising to do the search on this site for London's best Fish & Chips Restaurants.

      Based on this search, I came to the following best rated locations (anny correction or suggestion is MOST welcome) :

      1. Masters Superfish in Waterloo
      2. Golden Hind
      3. North Sea Fish Restaurant
      4. Seashell
      5. Rock & Sole Plaice
      6. Sheekey's

      The Rock & Sole Plaice
      Endell St, London, Greater London WC2H 9, GB

      1. re: lzhnb2

        I'm another fan of Masters Superfish. I passed the Golden Hind a week or so ago at lunchtime, and it was doing a thriving business. I've never tried it, but I think it's another good spot, although many say their chips cannot compare to Master's.

        1. re: zuriga1

          I ate at Masters once and found the ambiance almost too depressing to enjoy the food, and much prefer the Golden Hinde -- it's clean, cheerful, and in a very swanky locale.

          People love Geales, and I fully intend to try it soon -- they opened a second location in Chelsea -- although its not strictly a f'n'c's place and is quite fancy.

          1. re: brokentelephone

            I agree that the ambiance is dismal at Masters. Maybe what saves it for me is the interesting array of customers I see or talk to there... often foreign tourists. I'm not sure I'd call the Golden Hinde location 'swanky,' but it's definitely a step up. :-) Maybe I just see it all with American eyes.

        2. re: lzhnb2

          I very much like the fish and chips at J. Sheekey, although I imagine that the price/quality ratio is not as high as some of the others on your list.

          1. re: lzhnb2

            I would add Nautilus in Golders Green to this list, but on the whole, Masters Superfish, no question. Just ate here this evening.

          2. re: pj26

            A shout-out for my local, Sutton & Sons in Stoke Newington. Really good, classy place! Superb variety of fish and perfect chips...

          3. surprised no one mentioned Kerbisher and Malt - new fish and chip place between shepards bush and hammersmith - by far the best fish and chips i've had in London. about 7.50 to eat in.

            1. The Beach Hut in Highbury Barn is very very good, only problem is that its opening hours are pretty erratic.....

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              1. re: mzungu

                I've eaten at quite a few fish & chips places, some whose names I remember, others I don't because they were just joints I happened across when I was out.

                Of the places I have gone, Geales Restaurant, Sea Shell of Lisson Grove, Fryer's Delight, The Golden Hind, The Laughing Halibut, Masters Superfish, North Sea Fish Restaurant, J Sheekey Oyster Bar and Rock & Sole Plaice, I can't recall having the skin on in most of these places, but a friend insists all London fish and chip places leave on the skin?

                Am I nuts? Is the skin on and it is so battered and fried I don't notice?

              2. The London & South East regional winner of the fish & chip shop of the year competition is Seafare Fish & Chips in Guildford.

                Not "London", but then it almost never is in this competition.

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                1. re: Harters

                  Ooh you've got me in the mood for F+C now, and luckily the Eastern England winner is just off the A1 so I'll try and persuade my boyfriend and chauffeur to pull off on our way to his family on Xmas eve... probably not what one needs before the turkey blowout but better than last year's KFC!

                  1. re: gembellina

                    South west London has the Fish Club and Brady's - both good. Time Out loves the Fish Club but I prefer Brady's. It's more comfortable and its array of sauces and treacle tart are good. The choice of fish isn't as adventurous, though if youre lucky you may get halibut..

                  2. re: Harters

                    John, with Guildford so close to me, we're going to make this a destination during the holidays. I'm anxious to try the winner! I'll report back.

                    1. re: zuriga1

                      Excellent, June. Look forward to hearing about it. We northerners have a liking for fish & chips hardwired into our genes.

                    2. re: Harters

                      >>>I can't recall having the skin on in most of these places, but a friend insists all London fish and chip places leave on the skin?

                      Am I nuts? Is the skin on and it is so battered and fried I don't notice?<<<

                      Yes, yes, thank you, I am always keen on trying new places, but.....

                      Is the skin usually on or off in London?

                    3. Being a F & C freak I have to say the best I've had consistently in the last 5 years is Harrison's in Balham.
                      Cooked fresh to order, no where else comes close, including the Golden Hind, Master Fish etc. Only thing amiss is the mushy peas.
                      Bit more expensive than other places but well worth it!