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Jun 14, 2011 05:38 AM

Martha's Vineyard Wedding Venue Rec's

Hi all - We were thinking of a wedding on MV next summer and we know the food can be hit or miss down there. I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with weddings on MV, good or bad.


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  1. Are you looking for a caterer or are you looking to be at a restaurant? Is this for the reception or the rehearsal dinner or both?

    1. Are you also thinking about the fortune your guests will be required to spend just to get to the island and find lodging?

      Is this a party of 10? 50? 100? Are you looking for a restaurant or a catered event?

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        Sorry about that, it's a ceremony and reception for about 150 people.

      2. We attended a beautiful wedding at the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury. An iconic MV venue.

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          My son got married at the Beach Plum Inn. There were about 50 guests. The food and service were excellent, (no prob with vegans for example) not to mention the gorgeous venue. The event manager was tough to work with, but has now been replaced, thankfully. The rehearsal dinner was at The Grill on Main in Edgartown. The food was fine and while they do weddings, I think 150 people would be too much for them (Beach Plum was OK with any number) The Beach Plum could not lodge too many people so the "base of operations" was actually the Hob Knob Inn in Edgartown. You can't find a nicer place. They were one of the few places that would allow ALL their rooms to be booked for the entire weekend (it was Labor day).

          A word of caution- MVI is a great place for a wedding, but do NOT attempt making arrangements without the help of a wedding planner. She was indispensable for recommending florists, venues, musicians, designers and vendors while negotiating some discounts and also had great ideas for activities for the visitors (for example, the morning of the wedding guests were treated to a great MVI bus tour. The driver/commentator was funny and knowledgeable at the same time and even I- a long time Vineyard home owner learned something.) I used to think these people were superfluous, but this lady really earned her fee.

          The Beach Plum
          50 Beach Plum Lane, Menemsha, MA 02552

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            Great advice thos. Do you mind sharing your wedding planners name and perhaps how he/she charged for the service?

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              She was planning to change careers or location last I heard, but I'll try to find out for you.

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                Great news NathanNative- Judy Murray still owns and runs MV Event Planning and there is a web site. Oddly enough, my son's wedding is part of the gallery of photos (David and Rachel). They still rave about her work. She is very tough and organized. Two years ago she charged a flat fee of $1200, but it was a small wedding (around 50 people). She probably knows more about food and restaurants on MVI as anyone and has good vendor connections.