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Jun 14, 2011 04:03 AM

Best pizza in the 6eme? (Paris)

Haven't found a good pizzeria in my neighborhood (2 years now) and would like to have pizza today. Any suggestions? My typical complaint is that the sauce in most pizzas here doesn't have enough flavor and the entire offering comes off as bland. Thanks!

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  1. Hope someone finds a good one, though a very personal thing. In my 25 years coming to France, only had two good ones, both in very rural places, one in Pont L'Abbe and one in Ceret

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      I've had decent pizza in Montmartre, but it's hard to justify going all the way to the 18eme for pizza when I could eat something else local.

    2. Decent, but not great, pizza at a little place in the alley behind the Palais Royale. Stones throw from Grand Vefour.

      My best pizza anywhere if the world was 20 years ago on the town square in Avignon.

      1. We occasionally hit Vesuvio on rue Goslin. (Although pizza is not really my thing, so I usually order something else while my husband eats pizza.)

        1. Controversial choice, but have you tried Pizza Chic?