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Jun 14, 2011 02:22 AM

Wine/Liquor Costs in Bali Indonesia

Recently the costs of liquor and wine have greatly increased in Bali to such an extent that it might deter foodies who love to imbibe, but who are on a budget, and who are considering whether to visit this island. In my own case, I love wine with dinner and probably would either not have chosen this location for my vacation, or would have spent more time in Singapore than here, had I know the following.

Previously there was a tax on alcoholic beverages of 20 - 140%, depending on the beverage and its origin. Recently, the gov't removed that tax and imposed an excise tax of 150 - 600%. This has had a huge effect. For example, the least expensive wine on the menu at last night's dinner was one that I pay only $12 for at home. It was listed at $69 on the menu and the restaurant provided a written statement that most of the price of its wines are due to the new tax.

I don't know whether this boost in the tax is the result of those religiously opposed to others' imbibing or not. If so, I think the tactic is working (at least in my case). But if it is just that the gov't wants to increase the flow into its coffers, the act is likely to backfire.

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