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Jun 14, 2011 12:52 AM

New/newish markets, London

For the summer, the Real Food market behind the Festival Hall is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (once a month the rest of the year, I think). I went late last Sunday. The high point was the Moroccan stall. Pastillas were subtly spiced, with a mix, I think, of cinnamon, sugar, almonds and harissa. The chicken for their wraps was a little hotter but still quite subtle. They had some interesting bottled pickles. I bought some saltmarsh lamb chops from the Wild Food Co. The Comte stall from Borough Market was there too. Lots of other stuff too but the rain drove me away.

There's a new Saturday market in Batttersea High Street. I bought garlic scapes from the Isle of Wight Garlic Co - they are stems and semi-formed flowers of some form of garlic, good as a mildly garlicky veg, fried in olive oil. The French cheese stall looked good and had honey as well. A nice-looking Turkish stall. I bought some less than perfect moutabal from an Iranian (?) stand. There's a longstanding and good greengrocer's shop in the road and a couple of pile 'em high sell'em cheap fruit and veg trucks.

Anyone been to Tachbrook Street (Pimlico)?

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about the Festival Hall Market (so convenient to Waterloo!). How many stalls do you think were there?

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      I should think there were at least 25 stalls. The Batt High Street market is smaller - but also quite convenient from Clapham Junction.

    2. I was heading to the South Bank on Friday but the heavens opened, thunder, lightening etc so I turned around and went back inside! Just looking at their website I see they will be there every weekend from now on, so will hopefully get along this Friday.