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Jun 14, 2011 12:05 AM

Beaune Restaurant Advice


We'll be staying in Beaune for 4 nights in September after a week in Paris. Whilst we'll have a car we prefer to walk or take a taxi to dinner. Our hotel is just outside the city walls (Les Jardins des Lois) and the choices below are all (I think) within walking distance. Please let me know if you think we've made any mistakes or if there's a must try place (walking or taxi distance away) that we've overlooked.

Thursday dinner - Le Jardin des Remparts (mixed reviews on this place so not sure if we should include...)
Friday Dinner - Ma Cuisine
Saturday Dinner - Le Caveau des Arches
Sunday Dinner - Le Benaton

I've heard La Ciboulette is also nice - should I replace any of the above with it?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Any recommendations or places to avoid from your trip? My wife and I are going next week.

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      We dined at Le Jardin des Remparts in Sept 2011. (Ma Cuisine was closed that day.) It was fine, but in our room it felt very much like a business/expense account place, where many (our table for four excluded) were not paying out of their own wallets. We had a much more enjoyable dinner at Auprès du Clocher (“Near the Bell-tower”), 1 rue de Nackenheim, in "downtown" Pommard. For lunch in the heart of Beaune, we enjoyed and would happily return to Le Gourmandin, 8, place Carnot, which also looks to be a promising little hotel if one wants to stay in the city. PS -- there have been a few other good threads about this area in recent months, you may want to search for them. -- Jake

    2. Unfortunately, eatingdiva is one of those who asks a lot of questions on CH but never returns to report on their experiences. Le Benaton is wonderful, don't miss it. I have not been to the others on your list, but would highly recommend Le Petit Paradis for a more simple, traditional place.