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Jun 13, 2011 08:31 PM

One Night in Seattle, plus the Olympic Pennisula


A month or so ago I posted a question about a night in downtown Seattle. Received a lot of good suggestions. They now seem to have come down to Art of the Table versus Sitka and Spruce (not that as of today we have resos......). Unless someone says "there's an amazing, very unique sushi spot very near there...." (meaning downtown).

We're also spending some time on the Olympic Penninsula after. Any recommendations in the Port Angeles, Port Arthur, Sequim area?

Saw the NY Times Sunday article. Seemed a little over the top.


Art of the Table
1054 N 39th St, Seattle, WA 98103

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  1. Bruni was happy, but really not so over the top though there are some disagreements about individual meals from the critics (readers and commenters.)

    There is a somewhat unique sushi spot at 1st and Union called Japonessa. I've only been for lunch, but it is a handsome spot and the people that work there are very pretty. The service was far better than I would have expected and the food was good.

    If you can travel to West Seattle, Mashiko is an all sustainable seafood sushi place. You won't find some of your typical stuff, and some of his dishes are very unusual. Hajime has never set down anything in front of me that I would not eat again. But he has challenged my "don't likes".

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      Japonessa is actually very good. Pricy, but worth it and the staff is really nice. Some innovative rolls and good food - if you are looking for sushi.

      I like Art of the Table. Not a huge Sitka fan, but that is not its fault. Poppy is also very good.

      In Port Angeles we really liked Toga's Soup house. It is small and casual with a great view.

      Art of the Table
      1054 N 39th St, Seattle, WA 98103

      1. re: PaqpIn

        Japonessa is not too spendy if you go during their happy hour. IMO, it's one of the best downtown and it helps that it starts at 11:30am and ends at 8pm!

    2. K, Burrata Bistro in Poulsbo has tasty tapas and unusual dishes. In Shelton, Xinh's offers world-class seafood especially mussels and oysters. Open for dinner only, Xinh's is worth traveling out of the way for.

      1. Thanks much Chows - we're heading your way tomorrow!