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Where to buy Shiro Miso paste in Montreal?

I was wondering if Shiro Miso was a standard thing carried in most Japanese grocery stores, and if so, where can I buy it in Montreal?

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  1. If anyone would have it, it would be Miyamoto on Victoria in Westmount. You might give them a call to check.

    1. Shiro miso is easy to find. It's available at all the the Korean/Japanese supermarkets and even at some gourmet shops, health food stores and a few regular supermarkets.

      1. Miyamoto the japanese grocery
        Marche Hawai, in Ville St-Laurent also has a large Japanese aisle with all the products.

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          Hawaii has a large aisle with Japanese products, but not necessarily from Japan. Apart from Miyamoto, Kim Phat in Brossard. Possibly Eden in La Cité, but I haven't been recently.

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            It's the same suppliers for the entire island. And i'm not sure that it's not japanese, most of it is japanese writing, not chinese.

        2. Ah ok. Thanks. I guess location-wise my best bet is Miyamoto. Are there any other Japanese grocery stores that are more central (closer to downtown)?

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            if I'm not mistaken, Miyamoto is the sole Japanese-only grocer in Montreal. La Cité is downtown (slightly north; Park and Prince Arthur) and you could give them a call before heading out.

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              There's a Korean/Japanese grocer on Ste-Catherine West near Chomedy. Here's a list of a few groceries carrying Japanese items from another thread:


            2. I purchased Hanamaruki brand Shinsu Shiro Miso at Supermarche G&D, the newish Chinese grocery in the basement of the Swatow building in Chinatown 3 weeks ago.


              1. I would have thought miso was quite widely available - in most of the larger grocery stores (refrigerated health food section) and health food stores, in addition to the Asian specialty stores. I've seen the Amano brand in the white tub, as well as a local one - Massawipi or something. Might be worth trying your local grocery store first.

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                  I've been quite keen to try the Massawippi Miso brand but it's the high price tag which seems to turn me off.

                2. I buy shiro miso paste at Épicerie Eden in the mini-mall at Galeries du Parc (3575 ave du Parc). That shop is a great source of ingredients for all kinds of asian food - lots of organic stuff too!

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                    yup- its always in stock.....and not just for asian food, lots of south american products are available

                    they have been reorganizing the shelves and adding new ones..ive been wondering what they are doing

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                      Great. If it's always in stock, then I guess I can't go wrong going there.

                  2. I know that this thread is a bit old but i just visited Banzai, in NDG. (2120 boulevard Decarie, near Sherbrooke intersection)

                    They had a large selection of miso paste in the fridge section (it's apart from the instant miso powders). Good prices too!

                    PS: they have a parking lot.