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Jun 13, 2011 08:13 PM

Where to buy Shiro Miso paste in Montreal?

I was wondering if Shiro Miso was a standard thing carried in most Japanese grocery stores, and if so, where can I buy it in Montreal?

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  1. If anyone would have it, it would be Miyamoto on Victoria in Westmount. You might give them a call to check.

    1. Shiro miso is easy to find. It's available at all the the Korean/Japanese supermarkets and even at some gourmet shops, health food stores and a few regular supermarkets.

      1. Miyamoto the japanese grocery
        Marche Hawai, in Ville St-Laurent also has a large Japanese aisle with all the products.

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          Hawaii has a large aisle with Japanese products, but not necessarily from Japan. Apart from Miyamoto, Kim Phat in Brossard. Possibly Eden in La Cité, but I haven't been recently.

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            It's the same suppliers for the entire island. And i'm not sure that it's not japanese, most of it is japanese writing, not chinese.

        2. Ah ok. Thanks. I guess location-wise my best bet is Miyamoto. Are there any other Japanese grocery stores that are more central (closer to downtown)?

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            if I'm not mistaken, Miyamoto is the sole Japanese-only grocer in Montreal. La Cité is downtown (slightly north; Park and Prince Arthur) and you could give them a call before heading out.

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              There's a Korean/Japanese grocer on Ste-Catherine West near Chomedy. Here's a list of a few groceries carrying Japanese items from another thread:


            2. I purchased Hanamaruki brand Shinsu Shiro Miso at Supermarche G&D, the newish Chinese grocery in the basement of the Swatow building in Chinatown 3 weeks ago.