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Jun 13, 2011 06:25 PM

Does anyone have experience with Noisette Pastry Works in Markham?

I am considering ordering a Godiva Temptation cake from there sometime soon. Any information on the bakery overall, or the GT cake would be really helpful!!


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  1. It is our go to place for wonderful cakes. The place is a gem in this small plaza near our home. Took me a long time to check them out and have been telling people about it ever since.
    We have had everything from their loaves, small french pastries, cookies, and yes the Godiva Temptation Cake which we actually had for a family birthday last year. It was beyond fantastic.

    The shop itself is really lovely and has a couple of tables where you can have a light lunch, coffees and pastries. Spread the word, they deserve kudos! (and no, am not an owner or friend of the owner)

    1. My wife and I had our wedding cake done by Hannah (owner) and had several side cakes done as gifts around the same time. I'm not sure any were the Godiva Temptation, but they were all absolutely remarkable. Since then my sister-in-law has used Noisette for her wedding, again a wonderful cake (the look AND the taste). We're all pretty picky about our cakes and find that there are only a small handful of bakeries we want to use for cakes. We've continued to go to Noisette for their maple sugar shortbread cookies and other cake needs, and we know we're not the only ones!

      1. Yes, a third kudos to this place. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and their other desserts are all great. Watch out for their "snow balls".

        1. Marco Polo a little further north in the McDonalds plaza at Valleymede and Hwy 7 has good cakes as well. Ordered from there on more than once occassion, as have our neighbours. Never been disappointed. Much better than anything you will find at Loblaws.

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            Thanks, but in this case, Loblaws wasn't even an option. Are you able to offer a comparison between Marco Polo and Noisette, or another higher end bakery? Thanks!

            And thanks to everyone for your replies. They are much appreciated. Seems as though Noisette is a real gem!

            1. re: Full tummy

              No, I can't really make a comparison between the two.

              Marco Polo does have small dessert size cakes and pastries, maybe you could give some of those a try and see what you think. I was told that the pastry chef at Marco Polo was professionally trained in Vienna, which should account for something.

          2. I used Noisette for my wedding and they were fantastic (great wedding cakes). However, I just ordered a Godiva Temptation Cake for a birthday but the cake did not look like the website - the almond brittle does not wrap around the cake and looks more like a couple "shards" stuck here and there. A bit disappointed... considering how fantastic their wedding cake was... I didn't except the quality to differ so much than what is displayed on the website.