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Jun 13, 2011 06:19 PM

What do you pack for your children's lunch?

I'm curious what people are packing for their children's lunches. How old and do they eat it?

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  1. My daughter is 6 and her favorite lunch is cucumber and watercress on whole wheat. Homemade granola bar an apple and a thermos of milk from a local organic farm.

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      do you season the veggies with anything?

      1. re: fara

        nope.... just homemade mayo..... sometimes she likes carrot sticks, greek yogurt or an apple

        1. re: Lenox637

          well certainly the mayo adds some needed fat and moistness to that sandwich. i love vegetarian sandwiches withy mayo!

    2. My 13 year old son is always hungry. Lunch in his school is 15 minutes long which I think is awful. He says there is no time to talk, just eat. His lunch consists of a meat sandwich, V8, yogurt, and a mixed bag of pretzels/goldfish/chips/what-have-you.

      1. Mine liked tortilla wraps, (wrapped in colored plastic wrap twisted on both ends like a tootsie roll) Babybels, smoked almonds, greek yogurt, baby carrots, hard cooked eggs, trail mix, date nut oat bars,Nutella on croissants, frozen grapes. They are now 22,21, and 19 but I clearly remember packing 15 lunches a week and they usually customized their orders! I don't miss it one bit. I used every kind of bread for sandwiches for variety.

        1. For my 8-year-old niece: Two Nathan's hot dogs, a diet Pepsi and a square of carrot cake.
          She's an A student.

          1. My son (5) is happy to take leftovers, so he often has pasta, stirfry, quesadillas, soups, cooked veggies of all kinds, etc., which he doesn't mind eating cold. If we pack him a lunch he usually gets a mini bagel with cream cheese, a piece of fruit or applesauce, and yogurt or carrots or nori. Sometimes he has sliced turkey, rice cakes, a fruit and a veggie. And always his bottle of water.

            My daughter (8) is extremely picky and wants the same lunch every day. She gets a mini bagel with cream cheese, applesauce and a small yogurt. She also gets a high fiber fruit leather, and a granola bar or cookie or something like that for additional snacks. She always gets water.

            Next year, both kids will be in public school and able to buy lunch every day, complete with an organic salad bar and vegetarian choices. We have decided that once school starts, we will stop packing lunches. If either of them does not want the school lunch (some days admittedly sound gross, like vegetarian tetrazini) they can pack their own lunch from what we have in the house.