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Jun 13, 2011 04:25 PM

Guy from LA headed to Jackson TN.

I will be in Jackson TN for 10 days! Looks like the boards have me pretty covered on BBQ from Nashville to Memphis, but is there anything to eat other than BBQ in or near Jackson TN?

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  1. Jackson is a culinary wasteland.

    1. Jackson is only an hour from the eastern Memphis city limits, and that's your best bet. (2 hours to Nashville.) Plenty of Memphis threads on here, so I won't repeat those. You are SOL in Jackson, except for chains and a couple of BBQ joints in the surrounding area.

      1. Despite what some may tell you, the buffet at Casey Jones village is disgusting. It reminded me of the buffet in Vegas Vacation.

        1. Catfish is a staple.
          The catfish place south of town used to be a destination for us everytime we had a meeting in Jackson. I think it was called Ezell's after one of the owners. It's one of a chain that's geographically limited.

          1. You can get a decent meal at Flat Iron Grill (not associated with the chain). It's probably the only place to get a good meal in town.

            Stay away from Los Portales and Casey Jones Village (as jamiecarroll indicates; it's disgusting). Other than that, chains are it.

            Unfortunately, the mantra of the area is "quantity, not quality". Nuff said.