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Jun 13, 2011 04:13 PM

Purple flesh (not skin) yams

I need your help, anyone see these downtown? I believe they are white skinned and would most likely come from Hawaii.

Thank you

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  1. T&T has them. Sometimes they are from Hawaii. But, more often they are from China. I have seen it in smaller Chinese grocery stores as well.

    1. these yams are from the philapines i have found fresh ones @ oriental harvest on spading, they also have frozen purple yam puree ( or they did 3-4 years ago)

      1. I think I saw like 4- 5 varieties of yams/sweet potatoes at Hua Sheng Supermarket next to the Royal Bank on Spadina north of Dundas, and perhaps the one across from it in the basement - name esapes me. The signs may only be in Chinese though.

        Also to me , T&T isn't really "downtown" as it's a pain to get to by TTC.

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          Thanks so much, they are at both places.