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Jun 13, 2011 03:48 PM

Concessions at Ameritrade?

Hi...i know this is the 1st time the college world series will be held at the new stadium, but does anyone have an idea what the concessions will be like? I like to eat somewhat healthy and i know ballparks are not the place for that, but im wondering if they have any tasty, healthier fare available or if it's all hot dogs, nachos and pretzels? Thanks!

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  1. It might be too late, but I just came across this article:

    1. My reply is even later than your question but we went to the CWS last year and I was doing some research for going again for this year when I saw your note and thought I would reply for others seeking the same info. The basic answer is that we share your thoughts on healthier fare and were extremely impressed with the available concessions last year. There were several options that I would consider healthier than typical ball park fare. We even found one place that had gluten free.