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Jun 13, 2011 03:09 PM

Brauhaus Schmitz: Didn't blow me away as hoped

This is my review I had created for a review site after eating there Saturday night. Overall, it was decent, but really didn't wow me like I had hoped.

A little slice of Germany right here in Philly, not bad.

One thing off the top, this place is LOUD. If you are looking for intimate, quiet dining, look elsewhere. If you want a place as loud and boisterous as an Oktoberfest Munich tent, then step right in. The female waitstaff wearing the traditional "Dirndl" dresses was a nice touch, although in Germany, outside of tourist traps and Oktoberfest, this is not seen anymore.

I lived in Germany courtesy of the military for 4 years, so I know my German food pretty well. This place is generally pretty Southern Germany/Bavaria authentic, and having the actual German menu names with the English translation was a nice touch. The beers are also really good, although I'm not sure why a place billing itself as a German beer hall would be serving Belgian lambics and witbiers. They should keep it to real German beer, and American beers in the German style.

I had the Wurstplatte with the Nurnberg Bratwurst( pork) and Weisswurst (veal) along with sides of Spaetzle (egg dumplings, similar to pasta) and Red Cabbage. The Spaetzle was NOT how you would get it in Germany; it was very dry and fried almost crispy like home fries. Real German Spaetzle is soft and tender and buttery and just lightly browned. The Red Cabbage was a bit disappointing; it had the right sweet-sour vinegary flavor going on, but had a LOT of spice like nutmeg or cloves in in, which I don't recall tasting in the red cabbage in Germany. My Bratwurst arrived raw inside, which I sent back, and was really good once I got a properly cooked one. The Weisswurst was also pretty good and tasted like the real deal.

Overall it was decent, but I wasn't blown away like I was hoping and being that I come from the suburbs an hour away, am not sure if I'll be coming to this place that much.

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  1. I concur with your review. I actually gave it 2 shots and they were both dismally disappointing. The first time underwhelmed me with an uninspired charcuterie plate that was so dull and lifeless. Marginally better than lunch meat and yellow mustard but not by much. Even the bread was awful. The next trip featured a sour tasting and obviously past sell by dated wiener schnitzel. It's too bad because I think it's a really beautiful place.

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