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Jun 13, 2011 03:01 PM

Copper River salmon at Tom Thumb $9/lb.

Need I say more?

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    1. There's a major mining corporation that wants to buy the entire Copper River and strip mine the headwaters for copper and gold. They've been trying to get their way for years and have run into serious opposition from the lovers of Copper River Salmon!

      Here's hoping we prevail for eternity.

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        1. re: twinwillow

          Hopefully not a silly question but is this truly wild caught? I would love to swing by to pick some up but don't want to find out it somehow carries the Copper River name but is farm raised.

          1. re: foodie06

            Here in NYC, Copper River sockeye runs about $25 or more...

            1. re: foodie06

              Price seems a bit low. It's about 800/lb here in Seattle at this time of year, but it is in season right now. ANd there are no farms in the Copper river. Copper River Salmon is a deep red color unlike farm raised king salmon, which is pinker

              1. re: PeteSeattle

                Wild Copper River Sockeye is currently $9 a pound here in NorCal at the grocery stores and Costco.

                1. re: alanbarnes

                  My wife ordered the Copper River Sockeye last night at Oceanaire. The waiter suggested it be served raw, as sashimi. It was fantastic (and $39.95!) I bought a filet at Central Market this morning for $14.95/lb. Grilled it tonight and it was great as well.

                2. re: PeteSeattle

                  As a recent transplant from Seattle I can't say the good price surprises me. I often see Washington Apples cheaper in the DFW grocery stores than they were in Seattle grocery stores. I can't explain it but you won't see me complaining.

                  1. re: driggity

                    Well, maybe I misspoke: Last night I saw Copper River Salmon in my local Saar's grocery store for FIVE dollars a pound! Don't know the whole story on that, but it was clearly Copper River Sockeye and not farm-raised Pink. (Too red) Perhaps it had been frozen and thawed? (I was doing steaks last night or I'd have snagged it up)

                3. re: foodie06

                  foodie06, it's the real deal, wild caught. Beautiful fresh fish -smell it. Very short season, get it while you can. This is a very good value for a very short time.

            2. When thinking color of salmon consider that much of what you will find in the avergae grocer will be artifically colored the bright reds you often see. The farm fish is naturally gray or white.


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              1. re: DallasDude

                Correct. By the addition of shrimp and crab shells in the salmon food they fling to the fish. There was a debate some years ago as to whether that actually constituted artificial coloring or not.
                Copper River Salmon not only have a deep red color, they have a high fat content. That's what makes them so good.
                There's another kind of salmon we can sometimes buy, for only $0.99/lb. (If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!)

                That's chum salmon, the greenish fish you see the Kodiak Bears eat on wildlife videos. Alaskans call it "Dog Salmon" because it's only fit to be fed to their sled dogs. It tastes AWFUL!

                In Renton, WA we have a library built over a stream that's 20 yards wide and no more than a yard deep, so you can look over the porch to the "river" below. It's called the "Cedar River" although "Clear Creek" would be a better word. In the fall, you can look over and this river is just full of 5-10 lb fish, and those fish are bright red, with green tails and heads, with blue noses. With me coming from the American South, it's strange to see a clear tiny creek that shouldn't support a goldfish suddenly filled with big, delicious fish all fighting for space, and those fish seem to be the color of Christmas ornaments!

                those are Sockeye, the same species of fish as the Copper River nuggets!

              2. I bought a beautiful piece of (fresh) Copper River at Sprouts today for $9.99 LB. It was delicious!

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                1. re: twinwillow

                  I noticed at Tom Thumb last Friday it's up to $14 / lb. The season will be over soon.

                  1. re: Veggo

                    Sprouts (Coit/Campbell) told me they would not be getting anymore after their current stock is sold. However, the $9.99 sale price would be honored until it's all gone.