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Jun 13, 2011 02:52 PM

Can we start a Grubwithus"in Philly


I met a guy from Chicago today who said one of his favorite sites is It a site where local foodies gwet together for dinner for a FIXED price meal. A restaurant sets up a fixed price and folks just meet up. It sounds great and is active in NY, LA Saettle and Chicago. NOT in Philly YET. They need forks to register to get it going. It's not a competitor to CH in any way and this is the biggest food group site.

So, go to and sign up for alert when Philly is ready. Hopefully soon. The beauty of this - compared to some "meet up" sites is that it's alway price fix and prepaid.


          1. We do want to be able to facilitate hounds meeting for chow, but, in keeping with our guidelines for planning chowdowns (at, we'd prefer that the logistics are kept offline, so we're going to lock this thread now.