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Jun 13, 2011 02:28 PM

Looking for Pizza and onion rings in Milwaukee

Growing up in Des Moines we always went for pizza with onion rings as appetizer. I have found great pizza places in Milwaukee and ok onion rings but still looking for that combination. Any suggestions?

Sanford Restaurant
1547 N Jackson St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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  1. I don't know the answer, but I'm amused by the appearance of the link to Sanford's listing at the bottom of your post! (Sanford is a fine-dining restaurant, one of the best in the Midwest, but not a place for pizza and onion rings.)

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      Pretty funny - probably I was multi-tasking and had Sanford link open - you are right - not where one would go looking for pizza/onionrings.

      1. re: chocchic

        Would fried eggplant be an accpetable substitution for onion rings?

        1. re: Sailing77

          eggplant? I dunno - I may end up thinking so but I'll always be looking for onion rings. Good idea though

          1. re: chocchic

            Hi again,

            I guess if your goal is to just find a place that serves both pizza and onion rings, Pizza Shuttle on Farwell Ave. will meet that criteria. I can think of other places though that serves much better pizza and great fried eggplant instead of onion rings. But if you just want the combo of any kind of pizza with onion rings, Pizza Shuttle will give you that.

            1. re: Sailing77

              Ok Sailing, I'll bite. Always looking for great pizza. Where would you recommend I try. By the way.... my favorite pizza is Infusino's in Racine /Kenosha. The problem is I live in Ozaukee County. My other fav is Zappa's just for taste - not atmosphere) It is in the Mobile station on 27th and Ryan and started out as Infusino's.

              1. re: chocchic

                If you like thin crust pizza, Balistreri’s (the one on 68th and Wells in Wauwatosa) has great pizza. In addition, they also make the best fried eggplant that is served with marinara and lemon wedges on the side. The service is great but often it can be a rather long wait for a table because it is a very popular place and they do not take reservations. Your best bet is probably to go during off hours.

                And one other minor little detail…Simma’s Cheesecake is across the street. If that is not reason enough to go, I do not know what is. :-)

                Where do you go for pizza in Oz County? I cannot think of any pizza places there but surely there are some.

                1. re: Sailing77

                  I know it seems like a grim place to find good pizza, but Zaffiros has a restaurant at Marcus Theaters North Shore location on Port Road. Best pizza in that area, as far as I can tell.

                  1. re: ned

                    Yes, we go to Zaffiros - it's ok. Also Tomaso's (similiar to the Tomaso's in Cedarburg) it's pretty good. We actually drove to 27th & Ryan rd last night for my pizza fix - Zappia's. It is in the Mobil station and only does carry out. Used to be part of Infusino's.

    2. btw, if you are up for a drive or are downtown, there are two solid pizza offerings in Milwaukee - Dick's Pizza on Milwaukee Street and Times Square Pizza on South KK. They are different experiences but delightful in their own ways. Enjoy!

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        What's the name of the place that has the all-u-can-eat pizza on Mondays? That is east-ish and I have heard it is very good.

      2. Sorry folks, Chowhound inserted those erroneous links for the restaurants.

        1. I can't help you with an answer to that one. All you can eat pizza? Jeez. Maybe that belongs in the Classic Milwaukee Experience post (

          1. I'd go Balestreri's on Bluemound. My favorite pizza in Mke, only a slight edge over Zaffiro's, and they have buttermilk onion rings. Would advise sitting right at the bar to enjoy some local neighborhood flavor with some of the best (professional) bartenders in town.